Impact every city & neighborhood
in the South Puget Sound with the gospel.


Go make disciples.



Jesus is God.
He is supreme and preeminent over all things. There is nothing more valuable than him.

As God, Jesus entered into the brokenness of humanity to redeem us and reconcile us to himself. He is the King of Kings who got off his throne and came to serve and save his people.

On earth, he lived a perfect sinless life, setting the example of what true humanity should look like. On the cross, he died a sacrificial, substitutionary death taking the punishment we deserve for our sins. On the third day, he rose physically from the grave conquering sin and death.

Through his death he broke the power of sin in our lives and made it possible for us to freely, joyfully worship him as God. Through his resurrection he destroyed the power of death and made it possible for us to be given the gift of eternal life.   

Because he died and rose, in Him we have a living hope.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, we can pursue a personal relationship with Jesus by surrendering to him as Lord of our lives and the Savior of our souls. We find joy and satisfaction as we worship and abide in him as God.



Love is a gift from God. The most powerful demonstration of God’s love is seen in the cross of Christ. Compelled by love, God died for us so that we might live through him. Motivated by love, God chose us in Christ to be adopted into his God’s family as sons and daughters.

Because we have been loved by God we can worship him in adoration. Because we have been loved by God we can love each other in the name of Jesus for the glory of Jesus.    



Truth is a gift from God. The Bible is God’s perfect revelation given to us so that we can know absolute truth. All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that we can know Jesus, follow Jesus and fulfill God’s purposes in our lives.
Because God’s truth is timeless, we can trust his word all the time. Because God’s truth is of infinite value, we should devote ourselves to the study and enjoyment of his Word. Because God’s truth is unchanging, we can trust his Word while engaging in an ever changing world.



Transformation is a gift from God. Though we were once dead in sin, we have been made alive in Christ. Being alive in Christ, means that we are in a process of growth and maturity as we are being transformed into the image of Christ, from one degree of glory to another.

Because the same power that raised Jesus from the grave is at work in us, we can turn away from sin and walk in the new life that Christ has given us. By the power and presence of the Holy Spirit we can be transformed by the renewal of our minds and the redemption of our hearts to live a resurrection life.  




Legacy is a gift from God. Before the foundation of the world, God chose us in Christ in fulfillment of his redemptive plan. Though we were living in darkness, God has delivered us from sin and transferred us to the kingdom of Christ. As the humble servant King, Jesus’ life, death and resurrection established God’s kingdom on earth and made it possible for us to be gifted a new legacy.

Because Jesus sacrificially poured himself out to serve us, we can sacrificially pour ourselves out to serve God and his people by fulfilling our calling, growing in Christlike character and developing our gifts to build a legacy for Christ.


Bubba Jennings | Lead Pastor

Bubba serves our church family as our lead and preaching pastor, opening the Bible with us each week and preaching the Gospel. His heart is to see people meet Jesus and be built up to live out their faith as they treasure Christ. 

Bubba, an Oklahoma native, moved out to the Puget Sound region in 2001 soon after marrying his wife, Shelly. They began serving in ministry in 2003.  They live in the west end of Tacoma with their two boys. Bubba has a BA in Religion, Masters of Missional Leadership from the Resurgence Training Center and is currently working on a Masters in Leadership at Faith Seminary in Tacoma.


Joel Brown | Worship Pastor

Joel serves Resurrection Church as our worship pastor, seeking to build a worshipping church through our bands and production teams. These teams come together each week to lead our church in song and support Sunday services. Joel has a heart to see people worship and glorify God everyday. 

Born in Jerusalem to missionary parents, Joel is northwest transplant by way of California. He moved to Seattle to pursue music professionally, but along the way became a Christian and after touring the club circuit, began to serve the church with his gifts. He and his wife Emily live in North Tacoma with their twin daughters and son.  



Daniel Bingham | Shepherding pastor

Daniel serves our church family as a shepherding pastor, counseling members of our church family and teaching classes throughout the year. He serves our church family as a volunteer pastor, while working as a software engineer. Daniel has a heart to see people grow deeper in their faith through prayer and studying the Word.

Daniel and his wife, Mary met on a church trip while going to College in Texas. They married in 2005 and moved to the Northwest in 2010. They have 3 young boys and live in the West Tacoma area.



Jim VanVliet | Executive PASTOR

Jim VanVliet serves the church as our executive pastor. His role includes leading the teams that serve on Sundays, overseeing kid's ministry, stewarding our resources as a church and mobilizing the church body. Jim is passionate about seeing young families and singles build foundations for legacy that honors God in their lives. 

Jim grew up in the Chicago area. After decades of working in marketing and owning his own businesses, he and his wife Kathy made a leap to the Northwest to be apart of the ministry of Resurrection Church. Jim and Kathy live in the North Tacoma area and have two adult sons.


Tim Chavira | Community Groups PASTOR

Tim serves as a pastor of Community Groups. His role includes leading and developing our Community Group leaders and the Student Ministry at Resurrection Church. Tim has a heart to see our church be a people that lives out the love of Jesus to our communities.

Tim grew up in Lacey, he and his wife Amanda married in 2005. They have two young boys and live in South Tacoma. 


Lewis Messex | Shepherding pastor

Lewis serves as a pastor both in community groups and teaching for various equipping classes for Resurrection Church. Lewis is passionate about seeing people grow as disciples of Jesus both in community and in their knowledge of the Bible. 

Lewis and his wife Geneva live in the Federal Way area. He and his wife have 5 kids and 1 grandchild. 




Janelle Dutcher | Kids Ministry Director

Janelle serves as a Deacon that oversees our Kid's Ministry. She leads the teachers and volunteers that serve our families by teaching the kids of Resurrection Church all about Jesus and the Gospel. Janelle loves the kids and families at our church and has a heart to see them meet and grow closer to Jesus. 

Janelle and her husband Chad grew up in California and are high school sweethearts. They married in 2010 and moved to the northwest where Chad served in the military.


Janet Lowen | Pastoral Assistant

Janet serves Resurrection Church as a pastoral assistant, putting to use her years of experience from the technical writing and editing field to help with many projects. She has a deep love for studying the Bible and a passion for encouraging and teaching women to study the Bible.

Janet is a Pacific Northwest native, born in Portland, Oregon, and then raised in Renton, Washington. She met her husband, Drew, in their church youth group, and they started dating while attending college in Bellingham, Washington. They moved to Tacoma in 2004 and fell in love with the city. She and Drew have two teenage daughters, and their family enjoys watching and playing soccer and going on outdoor adventures in this beautiful part of the world.


Cameron Cowles | Media and Communication DIrector

Cameron supports Sunday services and ministries with media, communication and creative projects. Cameron has a heart for the South Puget Sound and to see Jesus proclaimed. A musician as well, Cameron serves as a band leader with one of the bands at Resurrection Church. 

Born in Tacoma, Cameron grew up in the South Puget Sound, studying Communication at PLU and later moving back to Tacoma with his wife Katie to the Stadium District.