Kid's Community Group

discipling children

We believe children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord (Psalm 127:3) and as Christians we are called to disciple others. This means discipleship is for the whole family (Luke 9:47-48, Mark 10:13-16) and that each group member has a responsibility to help children grow in their understanding of scripture and in their personal relationship with Jesus. 

By ensuring Kid's CG is happening you, and your group, are enabling parents to engage in discussion, are helping to deepen their relationships with the other adults and identifying to the whole group that children are valued. Below are a a few policies and practices that will help. As well, you should have a copy of "Exploring Grace Together". A gospel based devotional for you to use in your Kid CG gatherings. Please contact your coach if you have not received a copy.

Policies and Practices

Never Alone
As a rule of safety and accountability, children should never be left in a room with one adult. This is for the protection of all parties involved.

A Safe Place
It is best if to have all the participants gather in a separate room of the home you meet in. Make sure this room is free of any immediate dangers such as; sharp objects, electrical hazards or breakables.

Bathroom Procedures
It is always best to remind the parents to take their kids to the restroom before the adult discussion begins. A child’s parent or guardian should always be contacted when a child needs a diaper change or needs to use the restroom.

Who Does IT

Adults and Older Kids in the Group
Each adult takes a turn leading and/ or serving in Kids Community Group. Older, responsible kids are able to help and can substitute for one of the two required adults. This is best done via a sign-up sheet to keep people from over committing and making sure everyone is participating.

Curriculum Options

The following is a list of options and tools that you can use to structure the childcare time within Kid's CG. Use these in addition to guide that has been provide to you.

The Gospel Project for Kids
This is the curriculum that R-Kids uses during Sunday services. The way to use this would be to download the free app onto a device: Apple or Android, that is available each week. Then purchase the appropriate curriculum ($0.99) which corresponds with the time of year, e.g; Winter, Spring, etc. A volunteer could then read, play the video and ask the questions that associate with that week’s lesson. 

The Bible Project
These are collection of videos and resources that explore the narrative of the Bible. You can show one per week and discuss using questions or activities that you come up with. You can learn more at 

The Rizers
These are a collection of animated worship songs for younger kids. They are all based on scripture and can be played and used to sing along to and prompt discussion. 
Audio CDs
YouTube Videos

The Jesus Storybook Bible
An award winning children’s Bible. This is available in book, CD or DVD format. You can also purchase the collector’s edition that contains all three as well.
Other Available Options
Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God 
The Action Bible (great for older kids) 
The Action Bible Devotional (paperback or audio) 
The YouVersion Bible App for kids (Free)   
The YouVersion Bible (printed version) 
The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden
The New City Catechism (via app or web browser)