Contained within these pages are resources that will help you in your role as a Community Group Leader. To navigate these pages, click on the menu to the left or, for mobile devices, the + sign above. 

Leader Role

As a ministry of Resurrection Church, our main purpose and goal is group discipleship. This is a culture where people are encouraging each other to worship and abide in Jesus. Where participants are growing in mutual accountability for one another, are applying God’s Word to their lives, are praying for one another, and are actively doing outreach together. 

As a leader, and a disciple of Jesus yourself, your role then is to help form and shape the above culture. To be a champion of discipleship. This does not mean that you are the sole discipler of each group member. Rather you lead by example, invite others to participate, encourage growth and lovingly provide correction as needed.  

There are three core skills which will help you in your role, they are; vision casting, facilitating discussion and shepherding. As a leader, the more proficient you become in these three areas the more successful you will be at guiding and shaping the culture of your group. 

Below is a guide for you to use in evaluating yourself and the overall health of your Community Group. If you haven't already done so, please bookmark this site so you can use it as a reference and tool in the future. 

Key responsibilities are;

  • Vision casting, facilitating discussion and shepherding.
  • Share the vision and mission of our church. 
  • Encourage a culture of shared discipleship.
  • Ensure that your group is a safe place for people to share.
  • Delegate ministry responsibilities such as; greeting, admin, etc.
  • Ensure discipleship is available for the kids of your group.
  • Consult your coach when counseling situations arise.
  • Meet with your coach, individually, once a month.
  • Attend trainings and pursue ongoing leader development. 


  • Is being encouraged to worship Jesus and remain faithful to him.
  • Is building supportive and mutually accountable relationships.
  • Is learning to apply God’s word in their life by; listening to the Word, learning God’s desires for them, participating in group discussions and living out personal application. 
  • Feels safe to share and is encouraged to embrace their identity in Jesus.
  • Has a vision for multiplication and how they can actively make disciples.