Core Skills for Leaders

There are three core skills which will enable you to be successful in your role as a CG Leader. They are; Vision Casting, Facilitating Discussion, and Shepherding. The more you develop in these skills the more you will increase your effectiveness as a leader, and ability to help guide others to Christ. 


One of the key skills every leader should have is Vision Casting. This is clearly communicating the purpose and goals for your group. It is most often done prior to group discussion or before the gathering time begins. This also helps in developing a desired culture within your group and encouraging them to participate in good works.

Facilitating discussion

The skill of facilitating discussion is not about having the right answers, but asking the right questions. Questions that help reveal the inclinations of the heart and steer conversation. This skill also encourages group participation and keeps the conversation focused on the main topic. Another key component is the art of listening. This can also help identify a person's motives. 


As a leader, appointed by God, you are tasked with caring for his people as a shepherd tends his flock. This is done by encouraging others to worship Jesus and remain faithful to him. It involves; leading with integrity, speaking the truth in love, proclaiming Jesus as your strength, ministering the gospel with compassion, and genuinely caring for others.

Each of these skills, or competencies are trained and evaluated in our CG Equip class. To see when the next session starts and to sign up, click here.