Liturgy for Your Gatherings

How rhythms affect culture

A liturgy, or schedule, is a key component to that will help you shape the culture of your group. By having a standard rhythm you will be able to establish reliability and can set expectations that will guide your gatherings. This also enables you to invite others to participate in group ownership.

In example, if the gathering starts at 6:30p and Joe is always on time, ask him to welcome people at the door or possibly open the time in prayer. By inviting others to participate you will not only increase group ownership, but you will also become a more effective leader. 

If for any reason you need to change your schedule, make sure to vision cast it well in advance. This gives everyone a chance to ask questions and establishes expectations. Below is an example liturgy for a group that meets from 6:30p - 8:45p. Note that each segment ties to one of our Discipleship Values as a church. You are welcome to use this for your group or adjust the times as needed.

an example liturgy

6:30pm - Welcome  (Discipleship Value: Love )
People are welcomed with a friendly greeting at the door. This can be a handshake, high-five, or hug if you know the person well and have asked them if it’s ok.

6:40pm - Dinner  (Discipleship Value: Love)
Each member contributes to the meal each week. This is an opportunity for people to get to know one another, serve one another and a great time to meet new people.

7:10pm - Vision Cast  (Discipleship Value: Jesus)
Everyone gathers together for a quick vision cast and prayer by the leader before breaking into group discussion and Kid's CG.

7:15pm - Discussion  (Discipleship Value: Transformation)
The leader facilitates group discussion based on the sermon and scripture using the questions provided. They encourage group participation and ensure that the environment is a safe place for people to share. 

8:15pm - Prayer  (Discipleship Value: Jesus)
The group prays for one another and for others. A great tool for this time is the T.A.C.O.S. (Thanksgiving, Adoration, Confession, Others, Self) prayer model.

8:45pm - Sending  (Discipleship Value: Legacy)
The leader restates the purpose for the group and reminds them of any next steps before they leave.