Creative Team

Resurrection Church exists to make disciples and impact the South Puget Sound with the Gospel. 

The creative team exists to support our church in this through art, design, media and communication. 

Our team is made up of 4 sub teams:

- Publishing
- Stories
- Series
- Design

Each team exists to fulfill projects related to their area and are made up of people with a variety of skills. 



The Publishing team contributes by managing our digital and physical media presence. This includes our sermon and teaching content, social media channels, App and our website. Physical channels include signage and print media; like posters and class resources. 



The Stories team is all about being a witness to the things God is doing in and through Resurrection Church.

They capture interviews about God's grace, highlight the work his church is doing and show tangible ways we see God's grace all around us. 

This can include photography at an event, an interview with someone about what God's doing in their life or a way the church family has been able to live out the hope of Jesus. 



A big part of our rhythms as a church includes studying God's word both in sermon series and in classes.

The series team supports this aspect of our church by producing artwork and communication that helps these seasonal projects. 



As a church, the things we convey require clear and thoughtful communication.

The design team works on everything from the artwork for a new ministry to supporting a special service with stage design for Easter to engage our culture.



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