A Monumental Moment

There are certain moments in life that stand out as important and special. These are the monumental moments, things like learning to drive, getting your first job, graduating school, getting married, or having a child. Often when we look back at our lives, these monumental moments are what we remember best, as they seem to be the most meaningful moments.

Recently, we had a monumental moment in the life of our church as we launched what we are calling, the Legacy Church Planting Residency. The Legacy Church Planting Residency exists to develop and send pastors to plant Resurrection Churches throughout the South Puget Sound area.


The residency will be a relational, two year program, in which residents are developed in four specific areas: preaching, shepherding, leadership and mission. The hope is that during these two years of development, residents will be raised up as pastors and when the time is right, be sent out to plant a church.

I’m happy to announce that Dmitriy Spatarel and his wife Mary will be our first church planting resident couple. Over the years, it has been wonderful watching Dmitriy and Mary grow into loving, fruitful leaders.  This past Sunday, we shared with Resurrection Church the wonderful news about Dmitriy and Mary. Check out this video where they share their hearts.

Here is a photo from Dmitriy’s first day of residency. For his first day, we outlined a sermon together (which is on the whiteboards in the background). I love how excited he is. :-)


We are so happy for Dmitriy and Mary, as we love them very much. Please join me in praying for Dmitriy, Mary and their three children as they enter into this new season of development.

Things to pray for Dmitriy and Mary:

  • Wisdom - Dmitriy is being trained and developed. Please pray that he and Mary grow in wisdom.  

  • Protection - With this new opportunity comes greater spiritual warfare. Please pray that God will protect their family.

Pastor Bubba JenningsComment
We're Expecting!

My wife Shelly said, “We’re pregnant!” I felt a rush of joy and happiness… and a little bit of fear. I thought, “Wow! We’re pregnant. This is amazing. I’m going to be dad!” At this point, we had been married four years and already had names for two boys and a girl picked out. I’m a planner so I like to be prepared. 😀


However, long before we became pregnant, we had a desire. We knew children are a gift and blessing from God (Psalm 127:3) and we desired to have children and grow our family.

As we began our journey into parenthood we started with prayer. Before we became pregnant we prayed that God would gift us with kids. Then once we became pregnant we prayed even more. We knew that life begins at conception and God was with our baby in the womb (Psalm 139:13). So, we prayed. We prayed for the baby’s health. We prayed for the baby’s salvation. We prayed for the baby’s future. We prayed for all kinds of stuff - big stuff and small stuff and in-between stuff.  

As soon as we learned we were having a boy, we named him Jones. Even though we had not yet seen Jones face to face, we loved him very much and had dreams for him. We dreamt he would be born a healthy boy - with five fingers and five toes and all that. We dreamt that he would love God. We dreamt that together, we would laugh and snuggle and have fun. We dreamt that he would grow in godly character and one day be a man of faith with his own family to love and lead. 


In the same way that my wife and I experienced the excitement over the new life we were getting ready to welcome so many years ago, we, Resurrection Church, are joyfully expecting. We are prayerfully hoping God will birth a new Resurrection Church in the Federal Way/Auburn area sometime within the next two years.

This past week, just over 50 people came together to pray for our first core group meeting. During this meeting we prayed Jesus’ word from Luke 10:2, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” There was a weightiness to the meeting as the Holy Spirit filled out hearts with a passion to join Jesus in his harvest work.


Our desire is to see God grow his family. We desire to see lives changed and people experience the joy of salvation in Jesus. We desire to love our neighbors and be a blessing to our cities.


Our prayer is for a movement of discipleship to happen across South Puget Sound. We are praying that every man, woman and child hear the good news of Jesus and be saved. We are praying that Jesus will build his church.

Join us in praying:

  • For God to raise up leaders for the Federal Way/Auburn plant.

  • For God to build the core group for the Federal Way/Auburn plant.

  • For God to create unity and collaboration between the Christian churches in our region. We want to see all local churches flourish.

  • For God to provide a future meeting space for the Federal Way/Auburn plant.

  • For God to provide the funds needed to start this new church plant. 


This is the beginning of an amazing journey of planting churches throughout the South Puget Sound region. In the future months, we will gathering together for more prayer meetings as we dream the future together. I want to invite you to dream the future with us and be a part of what God is doing. If you live in the Federal Way/Auburn area join our core group.

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Peter and Stephanie: Leading by God's Grace

Story and Photos by Effie Gurmeza

Peter and Stephanie host and lead a Discipleship Group in North Tacoma. Discipleship Groups are communities of God's people that gather throughout the week to share life and grow together as disciples of Jesus. 


What do you enjoy most about leading a discipleship group?

We enjoy having a consistent group of people that meet to intentionally discuss God's truth and challenge each other. Even in our first 7 months as a group we have had so many personal changes and events: a wedding, family difficulties, surgeries, and more. The two constants we have is God's truth and group accountability.

can you share an example of how someone has discipled another person in the group through one of these challenges?

One example would actually be me and my anxiety I had from a recent surgery. I was really struggling mentally and physically with anxiety and it was affecting my relationship with Stephanie and others around me. The group was awesome at communicating they were praying for me before, during, and after the surgery, and Heather from our group gave me some awesome practical advice concerning how I felt and how to calm down as she has had a major surgery and health problems before. Having the constant community and someone who experienced what I was going through in our group, helped me realize that Christ was present with me in his church (my DG group) through my struggle. And, that’s, overall, what helped me overcome my anxiety!

What was one reservation you had before leading?

 Leading was intimidating because of how new we were to the church. We had just moved across the country and had just become members. It was easy to use that as an excuse to stay comfortable.

How has God helped you through that?

God pushed us to realize that Church is about giving and not taking. The Church had a need for discipleship group leaders and hosts, and the simple response was to fill that need and lead. 

What encouragement do you have for new leaders?

Leading can be hard, and you are going to have weeks that make you question your ability to lead. And, that's ok. Having a Gospel community is about facilitating a place for Christ to lead you and the group together. So, leading isn't about you and your ability, it's about Christ and his will. So, when you feel inadequate, focus on Christ and his work of grace in the sermon, in the songs of praise, in communion, in your Scripture reading, and pray for his Spirit to lead.


Frank and Betty: Growing in Christ-centered Friendship

Story & Photos – Kyle English

Frank and Betty DiMarco have been leading a discipleship group out of Tacoma’s west end for the past year.  For them, it has been a year marked with joy, growth, and rich blessings; all of which come from faithfully engaging in Christlike fellowship with others.  I recently had the opportunity to meet with them and asked them to reflect on their experience as leaders. 



Frank: Watching friendships grow was one of the most enjoyable parts for me.  I remember that first night of group when people just sat there and didn't really say much.  It was uncomfortable.

We were all Christians, and yet there was this tension in the room.  But you know, we’ve come such a long way from there to this past Tuesday night – we had a cookout in our backyard, cherry-spitting contests, laughing, and just having a good time together - I think that that's very enjoyable for me.


Betty: I definitely enjoy seeing the friendships grow, but I also think about our own personal growth and development.  As we were preparing for group discussions, we had to be prepared ourselves.  If we were talking about spiritual disciplines, to present that, we needed to be growing in all of those disciplines as well.  That was an accountability thing for us that really strengthened my walk and my relationship with the Lord.  I'm very grateful for that, for us individually and as a couple.


Betty: I think that we were concerned about the amount of time that it would take.  But you know, God blesses a commitment like this.  It's turned into something very enjoyable, something that we want to do, and something that we have prioritized.  When you look at the Bible, what does it say in Acts about the fellowship of breaking bread together, and praying together, and how important that is?  It has just become a lifestyle for us.  It's exciting when you can turn away from some of the worldly things that would pull you away and be more focused on something that helps us, and others, be more like Jesus.  It has been a blessing, and it has not turned out to be a problem for us at all.

Frank: Time was something that held me back for a while.  But I tell you, I just felt a nudging and a nudging and a nudging from the Lord that we were supposed to do this.  We prayed on it, and then just trusted that God was going to work out all the details, which He did.  We ended up so blessed with the group that we got.  We’ve lost some people along the way - they moved, changed jobs, and those sorts of things - but we've really been blessed by those growing relationships.


Frank: Well, one of the things that I had to watch out for is not giving too much input, in conversations, meetings, or groups.  That was a challenge for me - to be thinking about questions and to engage as many people as possible – rather than just trying to give my own input.  The other side of the challenge is to promote an understanding that we’re all helping each other to grow.  I really liked that in our group there were people bringing things in to add to the study or sending emails with all kinds of resources and references. 

Betty: I think one of the things that we were a little bit unsure of at first was how we were going to minister to the needs of everybody and pray for everybody.  I think that having prayer partners on a weekly basis helped us a lot because you knew that you couldn't be responsible for everybody during the week.  Trying to reconnect with everyone during the week can be a challenge when you’ve got a group of 12 or more.  But in having prayer partners, we knew that people were communicating with each other, especially if there were special needs, crises, or struggles that they were going through; and that somebody else was there to reach out and help.  That was encouraging.


Frank: For me, the biggest one was a guy that had been disconnected from everything for a while when he came into our group.  He was pretty withdrawn at first.  But we got to watch him grow, and to watch him become more open; especially when the guys would break out into smaller groups.  We would do some sharing and some good accountability, and he really grew a lot.  

Betty: I think too that we're seeing people step up in ownership of things because they value the group. It’s really been a joy to see other people step in and do things.  It's not just Frank and me leading now.  It's taken time, and I think that it takes time to build trust and relationships.  This is not something that has happened overnight, and I'm excited to see continued growth in the fall as we come back together.  


I think spiritually I’ve seen people have more of a conviction and a heart for some of the spiritual disciplines, as we went through that; especially with our women's group.  We were able to encourage each other with different tips and ideas as to how to be in the Word every day, how to excite and encourage our prayer life; and the material was so rich and so good that I think people grew in the spiritual disciplines; through the Word and through each other.


Frank:  If you are someone who feels that God is drawing you into a DG leader position, pray deeply on that.  And then I would say if you have the sense to move forward, go for it.  We have such a great set up in our church for leadership and discipleship training.  There's a whole system of coaches who are there to support you, to facilitate monthly meetings to help iron things out and to help you to grow.  It’s just a blessing to be in the kind of church that we have, one that's all in for discipleship, all in for solid Biblical teaching, and being part of the effort of moving our church forward; which means reaching people for Christ.  Go for it!

Betty:  We serve such a relational God, and we were not meant to do life alone.  It’s just such a blessing to be part of a group of people that encourages one other to see their value as children of God; to love them well, and to help them meet their needs.  There were so many times where we were able to meet the actual needs of people here - even simple things like taking somebody to the airport or bringing them food if they were sick or in the hospital - and those are the kinds of support things that make you a family.  I just think it's such an important aspect of our faith that we can all live out our faith together as a group.  It's empowering, it's exciting, and it's fun.  I would say go for it too.  It's been a great journey, and we're excited to continue!

Jesus is Working for My Good
Jesus is Working for My Good

Brionna's Story:

"A year ago, my husband unexpectedly left, walked away from the church, and filed for divorce. By God's sovereign grace with the help of my church community God used this rejection to call me out of my sin and take hold of my heart. In the midst of that devastating time, I was able to celebrate God's faithfulness and experience a genuine closeness with God I had never had before in my faith. In losing my marriage God has given me a story to share which shows how His grace is sufficient to cover sin and weakness.  

Moving forward from this season, God has opened up doors for me to relate to other women and friends in my life who are struggling in their marriages, contemplating divorce, or experiencing loss in ways I never had been able to understand or walk alongside in a genuine way before. The peace I have coming out of this season is the promise that Jesus is real and present and working for my good, my joy, and His glory and that is enough."

Growing Through Discipleship

Story & Photo - Kyle English


Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.  And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. ~Matthew 28:19-20

AJ grew up in an active Catholic family, but never fully felt like he understood the Gospel.  His life began to change when a Christian girl came into his life. “She started taking me to a Christian Church,” he recalls, “and taught me how to read the Bible, and was just a great example of what it meant to walk with Jesus.”  As the relationship progressed a few months, he began to undergo a major shift in perspective and heart attitude. “God opened up my eyes and my heart to see the depth of my sin, and His endless love and grace over my life.” Soon thereafter, he began serving in his community, and volunteering at the Tacoma Rescue mission.  It was there that he met a new friend who attended Resurrection Church and kept insisting that he come check it out; which he eventually did. “I have now been attending Resurrection Church for the past year and a half and am very blessed to be a part of it,” he states.

In the Fall of 2016, AJ had the opportunity to attend an immersive discipleship experience at Resurrection Church.  The training, then called Disciple, lasted ten weeks, and looked at what it meant to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  It provided the tools and learning environment for participants to grow in discipleship and disciple-making; while learning about the church’s five core values: Jesus, Love, Truth, Transformation, and Legacy.  If this all sounds familiar to you, it’s because Disciple eventually refined into our church's ten-week Disciple Maker series; laying the foundation for our current Disciple Maker Equip and setting the direction for Discipleship Groups.

AJ is up front when asked about his initial reason for wanting to take part, stating “I initially enrolled because I was told it was needed to become a member (it’s not any longer).”  However, he took to the learning experience very quickly, and found himself enjoying the discipleship and new community he plugged in with. He adds, “just after the first class, I ended up really loving it, and got to know some really great people!”  

A big part of growing in discipleship, in addition to gaining a better understanding of what it means to be a disciple, is learning to disciple one another.  This is practiced, in part, by participating in small discipleship groups. The purpose of these groups, is to continually engage each other in discussion, prayer, fellowship, and accountability.  AJ says of his group, “from the very start, God was really moving among us. Meeting a group of complete strangers… and yet at the end of the first day, we had all felt like we’d known each other for a long time.  As time went on, we got to really know each other and grow as brothers in Christ.”

When asked what discipleship means to him, AJ responds that it “means actively walking with Jesus.  Spending time with the Lord through prayer, scripture reading, and fellowship to where we are continually learning and growing in His likeness.”  

He goes on to talk about his greatest takeaways from the experience: “Overall, there were many great practical tools I acquired that I can honestly say will be used throughout the rest of my life.  The number one thing I personally have taken away is that discipleship is meant to be done in community; and through it all, God has not only blessed me and equipped me in that aspect, but in all areas to live a life devoted to Him.”

As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world.  ~John 17:18

Disciple Maker Equip and Discipleship Groups continue to be important parts of Resurrection Church.  If you are not yet part of either, you can connect by texting the numbers below or by visiting the Connect Desk on Sunday.


Sharing Faith

“10/10.  The date’s a special day…”

Frank smiles, as he recalls something that took place seven years ago, to the day: “I had the privilege of leading a guy to Christ.  Things were not going well for this man, in his marriage.  He had come into my office at church, on a Sunday, just to get some clarity about the Gospel.  We talked for an hour and a half.  It was a wonderful time.  And he accepted Jesus that day!”


He then goes on to talk about sending this man a short text message earlier in the day, just to wish him a spiritual “happy birthday:” “You know, today’s a special day… And he really appreciated it.”

For those that know Frank DiMarco, it should come as no surprise to hear him talk about his passion for sharing Jesus; nor should it come as any surprise to hear about his heart for the spiritual welfare of others.  We recently had the opportunity to share a meal with Frank and his wife Betty, while asking him some questions about his approach to sharing his faith with others.

Why is sharing your faith important to you?

Frank: What’s important to me are people’s eternal lives.  When I came to understand that I could have a role in that, to be a conduit for the Lord, helping people gain an understanding of the Gospel, and what’s at stake, it just became irresistible to me.  I knew what the Lord had done my life, and in Betty’s.  I had a vision like Bill Fay’s [author of Share Jesus Without Fear].  Bill Fay had this vision, when he got saved.  It was like he was on a sinking ship, just getting smashed against a rocky coast.  He was able to get out and climb ashore.  Others were trying to climb ashore too.  Rather than remaining in a safe place, he just kept going back to help the people who were still being battered in the water.  

I really saw that as what I was being called to do.  The Lord just used me with people.  When I would be talking to them, people tended to trust me, and to share things.  So, there were opportunities within that; to talk to them about Jesus, and to really talk them through key scriptures; to tell them what the Bible says about us, and about eternal life.  It’s a passion that the Lord gave me.    

What do you think prevents people from sharing their faith?

Frank: That’s a really complex question, and there are lots of reasons; reasons that are not valid, but people are still hampered by them because they think they’re valid.  Sometimes it’s a belief that they don’t know the Bible well enough.  Maybe it’s fear… fear of rejection, or fear of losing a friend.  It’s like they think: “I don’t want to lose a friend.  I would rather say nothing at all, even knowing what’s at stake, than risk them rejecting me as a friend.”

I think that it comes down to that if you really believe what the Bible says is true… I don’t see how you can not share it.  But as I say that, you know, I’ve been hampered too, many a time.  Times where my mind just wasn’t in the right place at that moment, to see what was going on.  Times where I didn’t take the opportunity to ask questions that built on whatever was going on; to open a door.

But anyway, I think there’s also a fear of having a lack of knowledge; being afraid you might say the wrong thing; being afraid that if you start to open a conversation, you might be asked a question that you can’t answer.  I love Pastor Bubba’s response to that, which is like “Hey, you know what?  I don’t have the answer right now to that.  But let’s open up the Bible together.”  And to use that, saying let’s just read the Bible, and see what it says,” to initiate meeting with someone on a regular basis.  

Tell us about a time when you felt a conviction to share your faith

Frank: I was on a men’s weekend through my church, and I heard this message about us all being called to be an influence in our environments.  I worked in a very tough, secular, environment.  I zoned in on that, asking “How Lord, how?  How am I going to share my faith in this School?” – I was the principal of a school at that time – “How am I going to do that?”  My hands were starting to sweat, literally, when I was hearing that message.  That was the thing that launched me, that message.  I understood from that, that that’s the call for us; to be disciple makers.  I’m so type A… my mind was spinning during that session.  The Lord put on my heart then, “Frank, don’t get ahead of me!  I will show you, and you will move forward.  Otherwise, you will wait.”  So that was in my mind, and the key for me was to be prayed up all the time; to be prepared in every way.

One time, and this was really crazy, involved a first-year teacher in the school where I was principal.  We were probably three weeks into the school year.  I was awakened at three o’clock in the morning.  Awakened with a thought in my head, that I was supposed to share the Gospel with her; this new teacher.  I couldn’t even go back to sleep.  This was the first time that something like this would directly happen in the school.  I prayed about it, asking the Lord to show me my approach; and even though I had been taught how to share the Gospel, I ended up going out the “chicken door” in my mind.  I went to work that day, saw her, but didn’t say anything.  I just felt… “maybe I didn’t have this right.”  I don’t know.  So, I finished out the day and went home.  That night, again, second night in a row, I was awakened at three o’clock in the morning.

And I said “Alright Lord… I’ll do this.”

“…And I’m trusting you, because I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to do this.”

That next morning, I was in school early.  I’m in my office, and hear some noise coming from the front office area.  So, I’m thinking it’s a custodian coming in - I would usually catch up with them in the morning, and see what’s going on; or see if there’s anything I needed to know about the building.  So, I went out there to say hello to the custodian… but it wasn’t the custodian.  It was the teacher.  After saying good morning, and asking her why she was in so early, she said “I don’t know.  I just woke up.  I couldn’t sleep.  And I just felt like I was supposed to come in.”  I asked her if she had any time that day, like during her scheduled planning period, when we could have a chat.  To which she said, “What did I do wrong?”  So, she came to my office, during her planning period, scared to death – she had gone around to talk to all the other new teachers, just to see if I had met with any of them too; so, she was convinced that something was wrong.

She came into my office, and I said “What I’m going to tell you right now is crazy.  I believe – and God has awakened me two nights in a row, at three o’clock in the morning – I believe, that God wants me to share some Bible passages with you.”  And then I said, “You know, right now, I feel like I have accomplished everything I was supposed to do; because I’ve asked you if you would like to look at those passages.  But you can say no.  In fact, I think I would be pretty anxious if I were you.  You know… brand new teacher, first-year, and now being asked this by this religious weirdo; maybe thinking if you don’t say yes, your job’s going to be in jeopardy.”  

After I expressed all of that, I told her sincerely, “It is absolutely fine… if you’re not comfortable with this… because it’s so crazy.  Honestly, if you want to go to the superintendent and express a concern about this, that’s fine with me.  This is just that crazy.”

And then she said, “So you really believe that God wants me to look at some passages in the Bible.”

“With ALL my heart.  Because this has never happened to me before.”

And she said, “Okay.  I’d like to do that.”

I opened up my “Share Jesus” Bible, and began to have her look at each key verse; reading them aloud, and saying what she thought they meant.  We got to about the third or fourth verse, and she started to cry.  I asked her what was wrong, and sobbing, she shared this story with me.  A while back, she was in another part of the country, living a really “way off the mark,” life of sin.  She felt this man was stalking her, on this one particular night, and ran to get away.  She ran up to a random house, that was in a residential area, and just pounded away on the door for help.  A woman who was home answered the door, and asked what was wrong.  She told her she thought someone was going to kill her, and that she was really scared.  The woman invited her into her home, assuring her that nobody was going to harm her; and that she was going to be okay.  After giving her a cup of tea, the two began to talk.  

At this point in telling me her story, she was sobbing uncontrollably, and couldn’t even get the words out: “This is the verse that the woman showed me.  She talked to me about Jesus, and I turned it down.  I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.  But now I know… I know that God is working today.”

And out of that, she gave her heart to Jesus.

There’s more.  As it turned out, she had a forty-minute planning period, followed by a forty-minute team time.  It was a double block that was set up for the teachers.  So we went through the whole forty minutes, straight through to the next forty.  My secretary, who was brand new to this school, was a strong Christian.  When I finally finished up talking to the teacher, she came to my door, looking petrified and anxious.  She said, “I tried to call you on the phone a few times, but you wouldn’t answer.”  I told her, “I couldn’t answer the phone, because I was sharing Jesus with someone!”  She then told me that I had forgotten about the 8th grade meeting that I scheduled!  There were 350 kids, and all their teachers, in the auditorium, waiting for me to come and do a presentation that I had been doing with all the grade levels.  They waited about 20 minutes and left.  And the president of the union, who was an aggressive guy, was one of the teachers in that meeting; and she [my secretary] said that he had come down to my office, and really wanted to talk to me!  So, I said “Alright, I’ll meet with him.  But I’ll tell you this.  Nothing is going to happen.  God has got this so covered, that nothing is going to happen.”

He never did come back.  And it all just drifted away.  Nobody even talked about it.  God had us protected.  Plus, it gave me an opportunity to show my new secretary my heart; and also for her to see how the Lord was moving in that school.

Do you have any advice for fellow Christians sharing their faith?

Frank: 1 Corinthians 16:14 – Let all that you do be done in love.  That is a very powerful verse that I am always mindful of.  And this is what is so beautiful about our Disciple Maker series, and Discipleship Groups.  It is not viewed as a “one-off” kind of thing, or “learn these skills and let the next group in;” but rather it is really a lifestyle.  That’s what’s so important about what this church is doing.  It’s teaching people what it means to be a disciple who makes disciples.  It’s incredible, when you think about how the Lord actually allows us to be used; to be a conduit; to help somebody move from time into eternity; to change everything; because eternity for that person begins the moment they say yes to Jesus.

Let all you do be done in Love, and just keep your eyes open for where God’s moving.  The truth is, He is moving everywhere; all the time.  We don’t see it, because we’re not looking.  God is moving all the time, and we get to be a part of that!

Advent with Friends

Home for the holidays. This familiar phrase begins to make its regular appearance around this time of year. Images come to mind of families driving through the snow to grandma’s house, college kids returning to mom and dad’s, and that one strange uncle making his semi-annual appearance with extended family.

On the one hand, this phrase is not particularly significant, as it’s mostly associated with sentimentality that rarely has anything to do with the true meaning of Christmas—you know, the birth of Jesus and the salvation of mankind. But on the other hand, holidays and other significant dates on the calendar serve to remind us of a very important truth that we each know deep down: we were made for relationship. Because God is exists eternally in three persons, he is relational in the core of his being. And because humans are created in the image and likeness of God, we were made to be in relationship. The idea of “Christmas togetherness” can serve to remind us as Christians that we are designed by God to be in relationship with the family of God.

Not only do we believe that this is true for individuals, we believe that this truth extends to churches as well. Simply put, local churches need other local churches for relationship, partnership, and camaraderie. It is this at led idea that led to our new sermon series for December,
Advent With Friends.”

Here’s what this will look like. Four preachers from four churches in the Puget Sound region are taking the four traditional Advent themes and then sharing those messages at each of the four churches involved. Each preacher will share at a different church for each Sunday of Advent, with Christmas Eve Sunday spent at their home church. This means that the topics will be a little out of order from the traditional arrangement, but hey…what would the holidays be without a little chaos? 

We are excited to partner together with these churches for the Advent season. Our prayer is that Jesus would get much glory in our partnering together for his gospel!

Here is the Advent With Friends sermon schedule for Resurrection Church:

  • Dec 3rd - Pastor Aaron Gray (from Sound City Bible Church in Lynnwood) will preach on “joy” from 1 Peter 1:6-9.
  • Dec 10th - Pastor Seth Winterhalter (from Harbor Church in Olympia) will preach on “love” from 1 Peter 1:22-23.
  • Dec 17th - Pastor Matthias Haeusel (from Cross & Crown Church in Seattle) will preach on “peace” from 1 Peter 3:10-12.
  • Dec 24th - CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES (4pm, 6pm & 8pm)
  • Dec 31st - Pastor Bubba will preach on “hope” from 1 Peter 1:3-5.
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"Serve Our Cities" - Recap

This last Saturday we held a "Serve Our Cities" day. Discipleship Groups from throughout the area served food to the homeless, cleaned up yards and streets and gathered food for food banks. Thank you to everyone who took part!

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