Our Good Father


How have you seen God work in your life over 2015 and into this new year?


"I’ve been going to God with my anxiety and fear. Moving from California to go to school here was hard but in that God has been showing me how good of a father He is, and how he provides and follows through.

If I take a step in faith, no matter what it is, God will follow through.

He's given me boldness. Before, I would be afraid to step in a sanctuary. Walking in and having people greeting me was super intimidating. To see God putting a desire in my heart to participate in music and talking to and sharing the Gospel with people, It's something I would have never done before.

God has created me the way he has created me for a a purpose and for a reason and there are people I can reach that others can't. He's showing me how to be faithful in that, to step out, even with fear sometimes. The result is that you have even more faith and less fear.

Before I had the mentality that when God broke me free my fear I'd step out to witness to others be he's been showing me that in stepping out my fear is being broken."