Linda's Testimony


At Resurrection Church, we want to share stories of how God is working in our lives, as individuals and as a community. We are a church of real people, with lives that aren’t perfect but where grace abounds.

Stories of Grace is a way for us to let one another into our joy and our trials to encourage one another as we witness the steadfast love of God. We hope this story is an encouragement to you.


I (Linda) grew up in Tacoma, not within any kind of Faith. I rejected the idea of Christianity early on as a young adult. I felt like it was one of many religious myths.

Right out of highschool I started dating Mat (who is my husband now) and we dated off and on for a couple years but it didn’t work out because we were really young and our lives took different paths.

I spent a lot of time seeking and trying to figure out what I believed about spirituality, God and the afterlife. I decided that I thought there was a God but I didn’t think there was Heaven or Hell. And then I had a really bad experience with someone that I thought I was lead to be with and from there I rejected God.

About a year and a half ago, Mat contacted me on Facebook. I hadn’t spoken with him in almost 25 years. His wife had left him and he thought of me and so he reached back out to me. He was a Christian and that was, to me, a reason we shouldn’t date. We thought very differently about faith and politics, but I was so drawn to him because I was so crazy for him before. We started seeing each other and we knew right away that this was it; I’d be with him, he’d be with me, as soon as we reconnected.

And so I really came to Jesus through my relationship with Mat because he was a Christian and going to church every week. So I started going to church with him because I just didn’t want to not be with him, not because I wanted to be at church. In fact, it was quite hard for me to be at church because it flew in the face of what I believed and reminded me that what I believed was super harsh.

After a couple of months I often would leave super sad because of the reminder of what I believed; that my life was just going to end and that everything I knew would just end. It was really hard to re-face over and over, because it is a super harsh reality.

So it started getting to a point where I felt like I couldn’t even go with him because I would come home and be depressed for a day or two. It was hitting me really hard. And so I told him I would just wait in the lobby when he would go to church because I still wanted to be with him.

Matt never pressured me about Christianity. If I had questions he’d just try his best to answer them. He was very understanding if I felt like I couldn’t do church.

Then suddenly I had a connection point where I felt like there was something more to me that is expansive. There is something about me that feels eternal. I think that was the first crack in my defenses towards Jesus.

Shortly after that I started reading a lot of books for skeptics and listening to a lot of podcasts from different churches and videos of different apologists and continued to go to church with Mat. Even though I didn’t believe, I wanted to hear.

On Palm Sunday I talked with Pastor Bubba, asking questions like, “Is this really real? It feels like it’s a myth. Am I going to buy into something that’s not real like I did before?” And Pastor Bubba said “It’s the real myth, think of it that way. It sounds like a myth but it’s real.”

Later that day I was reading more and I had a moment where I just crossed over! I was like, “Oh my goodness! I can’t deny that this is real!” And having studied and read so much about the history and all the supporting information about why Christianity IS real and these events REALLY happened and this IS what Jesus said and He CAN be believed. I just finally had that moment, where it was undeniable. How could I not believe?

I got baptized on Easter and two weeks later Matt and I got married.

I feel like it was intended that I be Christian before we got married. Because a Christian marriage is so much more bonded. You have that connection with Christ and you’re both pursuing Christ.

I think that Christ used Matt to come find me to bring me home. Almost every day we have a conversation about how I cannot believe this is my reality.