A Message from Pastor Joel: Leader Equip

Picture this. Every man woman and child in the south puget sound is connected to someone who loves Jesus and who loves them. Can you imagine how that would change everything? That’s what we mean when we say that as a church we want to impact every city, neighborhood, and person with the gospel. Through our relationships, We want to see the region transformed by the good news about Jesus Christ!

We want to be the kind of people who make a gospel impact in other people’s lives where we work, live, and play. As a church the way we see that happening is by multiplying churches which multiply disciples. Disciples making disciples and churches planting churches!

This is such a huge vision! We obviously can’t work toward this vision apart from God working in and through us. So we’re utterly dependent on him. And we also can’t do this unless the church is thriving. So for every city, neighborhood, and person to be impacted by the gospel, we need healthy, strong, church leadership.

Imagine what that would be like. What would happen if all our leaders were strong? Well, we would all be growing more and more deeply in our relationship with God, in our relationships with the people we lead, AND with our fellow leaders as a big family. See, we need each other. We need to know that we aren’t alone in our efforts but we each have a vital part in the bigger whole of being the church, of disciple-making. And as your elders, we believe it’s of paramount importance that we get together regularly and recalibrate. That we remember why we’re doing what we’re doing and that we are able to lock arms with our fellow leaders as we join in this effort together.

So I’m excited to announce a new chapter in leadership development at Resurrection Church. Lord-willing, this will take us into the future together so that every leader is equipped, every ministry is thriving, and disciples are being made. Here’s what that’s going to mean...


We are going to get together with ALL of our church’s leaders this August for a weekend of good times, camp vibes and intensive equipping! This is an event you can look forward to at the end of summer every year, but this year is special in that it will also be the launching of Leader Equip.


Just as with our growth in Christlikeness, we never fully arrive as leaders. Not only do we need the ongoing fellowship of those who we serve alongside, we also need the ongoing challenge and encouragement to stay on track in what the Lord wants for us. Leader equip is a tool for leaders within each ministry to use to develop other leaders. Beginning with the intensive weekend at the All Leader Retreat and followed by monthly gatherings within the various ministries, leaders will spend time together, learning and growing to flourish as disciplemakers. Simply put, Leader Equip allows leaders to grow in relationship as they grow as leaders.

Since it is not a one-time event, our hope is that Leader Equip can become a part of your regular rhythms as you meet with your fellow ministry leaders on an ongoing, monthly basis.

We will cover broader topics that address the needs of all church leaders so the content is always relevant to all leaders and there is unity across the board among leaders no matter their area of ministry focus.

I’m so excited to get to spend some time with you all and enjoy fellowship as we are shaped by God’s word and Spirit together! Please be praying with me that God would use this time to that end!


Pastor Joel