Hello Church family, 

As we prepare and grow into becoming a multiplying church, we want to provide an avenue for transparency and dialog with you the congregation.

This whole process is one in which we are walking together and isn't an effort being done by the Elders and leaders of the church alone.

This Frequently Asked Questions page captures questions you’ve brought forward and responses from the Elder team with the latest information at the time.

Some questions will have partial answers and some answers are simply unknown, but we want to share where things are headed as best we can. 

As we work through challenges, figure out details and find clarity, we will add to this list, sending out updates along the way. 

If you have a question that you haven’t seen touched on, please send us a note at the embedded form.

We will reply personally and potentially add your question to the FAQ.

Thank you for your prayers, faithfulness and grace as we seek to honor God and make disciples together!

What format will the services be? Will there be live preaching? 

Asked at Spring 2018 Member Meeting

This church plant and any church plant we take part in will have their own local preaching pastor (a City Pastor) who will preach a sermon they prepared. There are no plans to have any sort of virtual/video preaching.

The idea is to have shared sermon series with each location church having their own local preaching team. The City Pastor will carry the bulk of the preaching load for each church, but other elders on the preaching team will also preach from time to time. 
The Elders believe that local leadership in each church is absolutely important and the healthiest route is to have local elders that lead and care for each church.

We are hoping to have shared series where Tacoma, and the new church will work through the same text and topics together. This allows us to leverage shared media resources that the Tacoma team already develops, including things like series specific workbooks, Discipleship Group resources/activities, art and supplemental content. 

What do we gain from planting a “Resurrection Church” as opposed to a fully independent church plant? 

Asked at Spring 2018 Member Meeting and Follow Up Q&A Session

Planting this new work as a part of Resurrection Church will allow us to support the new church plant directly and share major resources such as kids ministry curriculum, discipleship group resources, banking and bookkeeping, human resources, resource development for equipping, media production and communication support. 
This new location will benefit from having staff dedicated to Kids Ministry (Deacon Janelle Dutcher), Discipleship Groups (Pastor Tim Chavira), Discipleship Equipping (Deacon Nick Francis), Media and Communication (Deacon Cameron Cowles) and Operations (Pastor Jim VanVliet & Drew Dawson) right from the start. 
The church plant will also benefit from leadership and support that an independent church plant may not have access to right away. Staying one church we help us keep close relationships with the sending leadership team and ensure they receive the love, encouragement, shepherding and support they will need to flourish.
Oftentimes, new independent/autonomous churches struggle to practically get themselves off of the ground, let alone maintain what they have established. A church planter and their leadership team can spend countless hours trying to create structures and systems on their own. But an established church can assist them in getting on their feet more quickly and easily so more healthy ministry can happen.
In addition to all of this, we want to stay in relationship, to stay family! Sending fellow church members to plant is less bitter and more sweet if we are still engaging and participating in church life together - albeit in a less frequent capacity. It’s almost like a family member who moves out, gets married, and starts their own family, but you still get to see them on holidays or at family reunions.

At the Member Q&A Meeting, Pastor Bubba explained that though the plan is to plant this new location as a Resurrection Church, in time, as they become financially stable, and have built their local leadership and elder team, they may decide that to best serve their communities they need to become their own entity apart from Resurrection Church. The elders hold this course in an open hand, wanting to follow the Holy Spirit's guiding. 

The underlying goal of staying connected being that we want to plant churches that are healthier and more successful by giving them a practical advantage in their infancy, not to excercise control or build some sort of brand or platform for ourselves. 

Can we afford financially to maintain the Tacoma Church as well as the new location?

Asked at Spring 2018 Member Meeting

There are three main sources of money that will be used to fund the church plant:

Fundraiser: Our goal is to raise $150,000 above and beyond our normal tithing to help pay for the cost of planting a church.  This is very achievable in that we raised $144,000 for new roofs of the Tacoma building, $150,000 for a church plant seems very realistic.

Mission Funds: Since Day 1 as Resurrection Church we have been setting aside 5% of all tithes and offerings to be designated for missions.  In that time we have accumulated almost $180,000 which can be used for planting churches.

Reserve Fund: Resurrection Church, as a new church plant, was very aggressive in establishing a 6-month operating reserve.  

We were extremely blessed to achieve that goal within our first year. We feel that the church is now financially stable and we can re-evaluate if we need a full 6 months of reserve. We are in the process of making that determination now.

What does accountability and oversight look like for the direction of our church and our church planting?

Asked at Spring 2018 MEMBER Q&A

How do we know this won’t turn out like Mars Hill?

Asked at Spring 2018 Member Meeting

On Fears, Concerns and Healing Together


This is a very good and important question in light of being birthed out of the ashes of an unhealthy church.

The truth is that we can’t perfectly predict the future and know how things will turn out. However, we believe we have learned many lessons from the mistakes of the past and will do everything we can to do things different. No one wants a repeat of the pain that we experienced before. And more than that, the Elders are committed to do things in a spirit of love and faithfulness. 
Though the fear that things will go the way of Mars Hill is understandable, the truth is, we are not Mars Hill. We are not a product of human effort, we exist by the very grace of God. We are a miracle of his hand and the result of his redemptive work. This is evident in our Elder team and church family. 
As Elders we have personally changed and made dramatic changes to the things we value and the type of culture we are cultivating. Our church family has been “ransomed from the futile ways inherited by our forefathers” (1 Peter 1:18), so we are no longer bound to making the mistakes of the past - we can and will do things in new ways as God shapes us and guides us.
Much like personal sanctification in the life of an individual believer, as a church we need to continue to grow and mature as God keeps us and purifies us. This is something we, the elders, are eager to pursue. We want ongoing sanctification for ourselves and everyone who calls Resurrection Church home. And by God’s grace, as time goes on, we will grow in love and Christlikeness.