Week 1 | Adopted

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"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places…" - Ephesians 1:3

Week One | Adopted

Our Gatherings
Throughout this series, our gatherings will remain structured but will have a slower pace. Our three primary areas of focus are; 

  • Praying together: Using the TACOS prayer model

    • Click HERE for a PDF outline
    • Click HERE to rewatch the apprenticeship video 
  • Loving accountability: Walking out Faith Steps
  • Slowing down: Establishing healthy rhythms

Our goal is to help our church grow in the discipleship value of Truth. To grow in prayer with the Father and studying God's word.

Weekly Liturgy

Here is what the liturgy will look like for each week:

  • 30 min - social/ mealtime
  • In Subgroups
    • 15 min - TACOS Prayer
    • 20 min - Debrief/ Follow up
  • In Larger Group
    • 15 min - Vision Cast + Recap video
    • 30 min - Discussion

Again, all with the intention of slowing things down yet maintaining a structure that will help encourage co-discipleship and healthy cultures within our gatherings.

For the debrief time, follow up and discuss each person's Faith Step and how the group can help one another be faithful to what God is calling them to. This is an opportunity for people to receive loving accountability and a time for you to ask follow up questions. Encourage your group members to connect with each other throughout the week.

For the larger group discussions, ensure the group stays on course and help them to pursue one another's hearts. The goal isn't to get to each question, but to identify where people might be believing a lie, not trusting the Lord or just need to be reassured that God loves them.

Week One | Workbook