Week 3 | Reconciled

"For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility" - Ephesians 2:14

In this week's conversation we covered:
        • Why we are focused on prayer this session
        • Studying your people/ How notetaking can benefit you
        • How to handle counseling situations
        • Things to be cautious of in this week's discussion


Kids Lesson

Click HERE to download the latest discipleship curriculum for the kids of your group. This can be used for your gatherings and will help provide structure for their time together.


Did You Know

Here are some significant statistics provided by Lifeway Research that help emphasize the importance of our ministry. 

  • 66% of regular group attendees read their Bible regularly versus 33% among non-group members.

  • 74% of regular group attendees think about biblical truths throughout the day versus 45% non-group attendees
  • 64% of regular group attendees pray for their church and/or church leaders regularly. Only 30% of non-group attendees do
  • 79% of group attendees confess sins to God and ask forgiveness versus 54% of non-group attendees
  • 73% of regular group attendees serve others versus 42% of non-group attendees

I share this all with you as an encouragement. As the research shows, the more that people are actively involved in a group the greater their spiritual growth will be. It helps to identify for us that group involvement and discipleship directly correlate. As well, what a blessing it is to be on the front lines of helping people live for Jesus.

You may not always see that benefits firsthand, but know that what you do matters. Thank you for serving, giving and loving Jesus' people well.