Week 1 | Exp. God's Presence

Journal and Discussion

For week one, we will be spending time in prayer individually and writing out responses to questions in the booklet. See page 15. This time and the activity are purposeful. In our culture, it is rare that we quiet ourselves enough to hear from the Lord. Give your group the opportunity to sit and reflect upon the Scriptures, God's goodness and his desires for their lives. After everyone has had time to answer the questions, give them an opportunity to share. 

Remember each activity and time in the group is meant to be formative. We are helping people experience methods and practices which will cultivate a greater connection to God. This most likely will be uncomfortable at first. As a leader, I suggest taking time before your gathering to practice this yourself with a friend or spouse. If so, you can share how this activity impacted you and/ or challenged you before the group tries it out.

Here is a guideline for your gathering

VISION CAST - give vision and purpose of the series. Include the type of culture you desire and the purpose for gathering together.
ACTIVITY - Gather the group together and play the recap video. Then allow everyone 10-15 minutes to do the activity in their booklet. Spend 30-40 minutes discussing the results as a large group. 
PRAYER - Spend time in prayer as a large group. Avoid taking prayer requests, rather encourage people to bring their requests to the Lord.

Coming up next week in our groups we will be doing a traditional Benedictine practice of scriptural reading called Lectio Devina.

Leaders, know that I am praying Galatians 5:22-23 for each of you this week. Praying that the Spirit would grow your love - your love for God and your love for those around you. That the character of Jesus seen in Gal. 5:22-23 would be increasingly evident in your life more and more each day.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim Chavira

Week 1 Workbook

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