Week 1 - Sent by Jesus




For the next 10-weeks, our goal as a ministry is to help our people grow in these 3 areas of discipleship; Studying the Bible, Sharing Testimonies, and having Spiritual Conversations with others. These three areas will be interwoven into the weekly rhythms for our groups. The intent is to help establish or reinforce the spiritual discipline of studying God's Word and connecting His truth to our lives. We want our people to continuously be aligned to God's will and to live their lives in light of His desires. 

Here is a breakdown of the next 10-weeks;

  • Week 1 - Bible Study + Discussion

  • Week 2 - Bible Study + Discussion

  • Week 3 - Bible Study + Discussion

  • Week 4 - Activity 1: Sharing Testimonies

  • Week 5 - Activity 2: Spiritual Conversations

  • Week 6 - Bible Study + Discussion

  • Week 7 - Bible Study + Discussion

  • Week 8 - Bible Study + Discussion

  • Week 9 - Bible Study + Discussion

  • Week 10 - Activity 3:  Spiritual Conversations

As we will learn this week, the role you play in all of this has eternal value. Your efforts are not unseen or overlooked. You, in fact, each week are participating in kingdom work. You are helping people to know Jesus, experience Him and live on mission. This journey through the book of Acts begins this week but the outcomes will last forever. 

What a glorious gift - to be empowered by the Spirit for this work and to have you on our team! Thank you for your leadership in our church and for guiding our family to greater depths of maturity.

For God's glory,
Pastor Tim

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." - Matthew 5:16



    (approx. time: 25 minutes)

  • Allow time for everyone to fill out their prayer card. As mentioned here, at the bottom of the page, after collecting those you can post them in a group communication or have each person pick one at random.

  • If you DID NOT have a pre-launch gathering see this email for topics to cover.

  • If you DID have a pre-launch gathering and went over the various topics already, then invite the group to share what they are learning through the devotional study thus far. If a large majority has not done the devotionals then consider going through one of them together as a group; e.g. Acts 1:1-5 on pg 14. 


     (approx. time: 45 minutes)

  • Bible: Ask everyone to read Acts 1:1-26 quietly. Then have someone read it out loud for the group. Doing so helps each person be in tune with God's Word, both by reading it themselves and hearing it spoken.

  • Summary: In the opening chapter of Acts Jesus teaches and gives a final promise before returning to heaven. In Acts 1:6 we see how narrow of a view of the early disciples had of God’s kingdom. They questioned whether Jesus was going to restore the kingdom to Israel before leaving. In verse 7 Jesus reminds them to not be concerned with things beyond their scope. He then tells them to focus on the promise and call to action that was before them. The promise was that they were to be filled with the Holy Spirit and would be empowered by the Spirit. The action or result of receiving that power would be them becoming witnesses of Jesus, all over the earth. They were to continue living on mission for Jesus and would help build His kingdom. The very same call we have today. To be the people of God sent by Jesus to live on mission in our cities and neighborhoods.

  • Discussion Questions:

    • In thinking about the scriptures and the sermon, in what ways have you sought significance apart from God? 

    • Like the disciples in Acts 1, how might your views of God’s kingdom be too narrow? 

    • What is God's will for your life and how might you need the Spirit's help in order to be aligned with His vision for you? 


      (approx. time: 5 minutes)

  • Vision Cast: (Here is an example of how to summarize the topic this week and connect it to next week's gathering. Feel free to modify it and make it your own.)

    Alright, as we close I want to give you some vision by recapping the topic this week and connecting it to next week. First, thanks so much for participating tonight. It was great to hear all of you share. Our goal through this series and in our time together is to become better aligned with God’s will for our lives. We are here because of the great work God has done through Jesus. He has given us new life in Christ and we now have an opportunity to be part of God's kingdom work. We are disciples on mission, sent into the world to make disciples. A work that has eternal value. And remember you are not alone in this. God is with you and we are here to love and build one another up. This means we are dedicated to praying for each other, to serving each other in times of need, to encouraging one another and challenging one another to follow Jesus.

    Also, as disciples, we are called to abide in Jesus and so I want to challenge you to spend time with God through His Word and in prayer this week. Then come prepared to share what you are learning through your time with Him next week. Now, please join me in prayer as we close out our time.


In case you need them, here are the workbook and prayer card files. Printed versions of both are available in the foyer or family room each Sunday.

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Click to download and print

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