Week 16 - Sent to Experience God


“Disciples committed to helping one another live for Jesus”


    (approx. time: 10 minutes)

Group Commitment - 
A pledge to Jesus, his people, and to living for God's kingdom.

Leaders, please take time to go over the group commitment this week. Doing this at the start of each 10-week cycle helps to refresh your group on our vision, mission, and goals as a ministry. It also outlines our expectations and the desired culture we want to have within our gatherings.


     (approx. time: 60 minutes)

  • Bible - Spend time as a group reading Acts 10:1-23 quietly than have someone read it out loud for everyone. 

  • Discussion - Use these to initiate discussion and pursue the heart of those you lead. 

    • In what ways have you been reluctant to ask God to show up supernaturally in your life? (Possible follow up: Why is that?)

    • As mentioned Sunday, prayer should be; continual, relational, experiential and transformational. Which of these is a strength for you? Which might be an area to grow in?

    • As a group, how can we help one another grow in prayer and experiencing God through prayer in our lives?

  • Prayer - Now that you have discussed prayer, it's time to put it into practice. If your group is larger than 6, you'll want to move into smaller groups. This should be an open time where each person prays as they feel led. You are welcome to use the T.A.C.O.S prayer model. Please allow for silence. Part of this exercise is to create space for people to experience relationship with God, both in speaking and listening to him. 



      (approx. time: 5 minutes)

  • Vision Cast - Here is an example. Feel free to modify it and make it your own.

    "Alright, well before we go I just want to say how thankful I am (we are) for each of you. These gatherings each week are more than just events to attend. We are sharing life with each other and helping each other grow in our devotion to Jesus. Tonight we focused on prayer and experiencing God through prayer. This week let's be committed to praying for each other and considering how we can help one another grow in our prayer life. We can easily forget or get sidetracked so we all need reminders. As well, as we live Sent let's also be looking for opportunities to pray for those that might not know God."