Week 17 - Sent to the Gentiles


“Disciples committed to helping one another live for Jesus”


    (approx. time: 10 minutes)

  • Debrief - This is an opportunity for you as leaders to get a pulse from the group on how living as disciples and disciple-makers is going for them.

    • Loving God: Invite the group to share what God is revealing to them through their study in the word. How has their experience of God been this week? What are some wins? What are some areas to grow? How does it make God feel when they experience him?

    • Loving Others: Has anyone had an opportunity to have a spiritual conversation with someone recently? If so, how did it go? Who is someone you, or we, can serve this week?


     (approx. time: 45 minutes)

  • Bible - Allow the group to read Acts 10:24-43 quietly. After, have someone read it out loud for everyone to hear.

  • Summary - Consider providing a brief summary that recaps the passage, sermon, and transitions to the questions below. Here is an example;

    In chapter ten, Peter is called to go to a people he considers to be lower than him, the Gentiles. He thought Jews and Gentiles would always remain separate, even as the church began to grow. Yet, God lovingly reveals to Peter that his thinking was wrong. He corrects his false beliefs and in turn, frees Peter and those around him.God shows Peter that his plan of redemption includes saving all people. That, Jesus' church includes those from every tribe, language, people, and nation (Rev. 5:8-12). 

  • Discussion - Use these to initiate discussion and pursue the heart of those you lead. 

    • In v.2 we read that Cornelius and his family were devout and prayed continually to God, why did Peter then in v.34 share the gospel with Cornelius and his family?

    • What are the implications of the gospel for those who believe (vv. 34-43)?

    • In what ways might you live as though Jesus' work was not enough to forgive you of certain sins?

    • In relation to Peter and the Gentiles, are there people groups you have cast out of your heart (partiality), possibly believing God is unable to save them? Why is that? Who are they? What is God's desire for you?



      (approx. time: 20 minutes)

  • Prayer - Consider having the group pray over the things that God has brought up throughout the evening. This might a prayer of thankfulness for the time they have gotten to spend with God this week. Maybe it is a confession of not viewing people as God sees them which has led to partiality in their heart? This should be a time of reflection, confession, and praise.