Week 6 - Sent to Speak With Boldness



Hey team, 

These next couple of weeks will be 'choose your own adventure' since many of you were unable to meet during the snowy weeks. Similar to the message in week 5, if your group was unable to go through or finish the Testimony Activity please do that this week. Then the following week you can work through the Spiritual Conversations Activity. Those two activities are sequential and are meant to help equip our church family in how to begin engaging non-believers in conversations about God. 

The sad reality is in our day and age many Christians do not believe that it is their personal responsibility to share their faith with others. The Barna Group recently put out an article stating in 1993, 89% of Christians believed it is their responsibility. Now 25 years later that number has dropped to 64%. To read through that study click HERE.

As Roxanne Stone states in the article, “we must invest the resources of our (church) toward coming alongside fellow believers and empowering them with confidence to talk about their faith despite the obvious barriers. We ought to help Christians begin to make the connections between their everyday, ordinary life—their sleeping, eating, going-to-work and walking-around life—and the faith that sustains them.”

Again, thank you for being part of this effort to equip our church. You are a living model and an example to those you are shepherding. May we all, as Christ's ambassadors (2 Cor. 5:18-20) continue to grow in sharing our faith with others. To speak boldly, not to please man, but to please God who tests our hearts (1 Thes. 2:4). An area that I am praying God would grow me in as well. 

Your servant in Christ Jesus,
- Pastor Tim


If you were unable to take your group through this activity due to weather or were unable to complete the activity the first time through click HERE »


If you were unable to take your group through this activity due to weather or were unable to complete the activity the first time through click HERE »


If you have completed the two activities above then you can now move back into a time of biblical study and discussion. There is information below to help guide your time »


    (approx. time: 25 minutes)

  • Prayer - Allow time for the group to fill out a prayer card. Have someone open your time together in prayer.

  • Debrief - Invite the group to share what God is revealing to them through their study in the book of Acts. How has their time in the Word helped grow their relationship with God? Have they had an opportunity to have a spiritual conversation with someone recently?


     (approx. time: 45 minutes)

  • Bible - Have the group read Acts 4:5-4:31 quietly. Then have 1-2 people read it out loud for the group. Doing so invites each person to read God’s Word themselves and can help to create a culture where each person is guided and informed by God’s truth.

  • Summary - Consider providing a brief summary that recaps the passage, sermon, and transitions to the questions below.

  • Discussion Questions -

    • How does the example of Peter and John speaking boldly encourage you?

    • In what ways have you been fearful of man rather than bold when it comes to talking to others about Jesus?

    • How can we, as a community, help one another to speak boldly about Jesus rather than fall into fear of man?


      (approx. time: 5 minutes)

  • Vision Cast - To close your time together, recap the main ideas and commend those that participated. Encourage your group to be in prayer for one another and to ask God to give them an opportunity to have a spiritual conversation with someone this week.

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