Week 8 - Sent to Heal




I would love to have your feedback on your group experience. If you would, please shoot me an email answering the following questions sometime this next week. I am preparing to map out the Spring session for Acts and value your insight. For co-ed leaders, this could be something you do together.

  1. What has impacted the group the most over the last 8-weeks?

  2. What has been most helpful for you in leading?

  3. In what area of discipleship do you feel your group is strongest? Where are they the weakest?

  4. Looking forward, does your group have a plan in place for the upcoming break? 

Your feedback and suggestions help me form the liturgy and equipping we do each series. I believe God has given this ministry to all of us and each of us has a significant role to play in helping God's people experience greater depths of maturation. Helping them to become more like Jesus. What a glorious day it will be when we get to see our Savior face to face and our likeness of him will be complete!

1 John 3:2 - Beloved, we are God's children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is.

In Christ,
- Pastor Tim



    (approx. time: 25 minutes)

  • Prayer - Allow time for the group to fill out a prayer card. Then invite someone to pray for your time together. 

  • Debrief - This is a way to check in on how people doing at applying the things they are learning in your group. 

    • Has anyone had an opportunity to have a spiritual conversation with someone recently? If so, how did it go?

    • Does anyone know of an individual or family in the area that you can serve as a group? Is there anyone in the group that needs help?


     (approx. time: 45 minutes)

  • Bible - Have the group read Acts 4:29-30; Acts 5:12-16  quietly. Then have 1-2 people read it out loud for the group. Doing so invites each person to read God’s Word themselves and can help to create a culture where each person is guided and informed by God’s truth.

  • Summary - Consider providing a brief summary that recaps the passage, sermon, and transitions to the questions below.

  • Discussion Questions -These are intended to help initiate discussion and provide a way for you to pursue each person's heart.

    • In examining the two passages together, why did the apostles pray for signs and wonders? Why did they want God to stretch forth his hand to heal?

    • What part do we play in God’s healing ministry through the church? In what ways have you been living in line with God's will and in what ways have you not?

    • Who in your life right now needs healing? Would they be open to one or two of us going and praying for them? Is there a way that we as a group can serve them?


      (approx. time: 5 minutes)

  • Vision Cast - To close your time together, recap the main ideas and commend those that participated. Encourage your group to be in prayer asking God to give them opportunities to pray for healing over someone this coming week.


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