Summer Social

The Summer in the Pacific Northwest is a great time to take your gatherings outdoors. During our 10-week sermon series, we are intentional and structured. We focus on discipling one another and tend to be more formal in the way we gather.

The Summer Social, however, is an informal time where we can take our gatherings outdoors and continue building relationships with one another in a less formal way. This is seven weeks of parties, events, and outreach in your local area with 3 main areas of focus;

  1. Having fun

  2. Building relationships

  3. Serving together

Rather than just doing a one-off occurrence, this would be seven straight consecutive weeks of fun gatherings where you and your group can invite non-Christian friends, coworkers, and neighbors to join you. A chance for you to invite them in, love them, serve them and build relationships with each other in the process. The hope is that through this effort there would be opportunities for the gospel to be shared and for your love for each other to grow. Then in August, we suggest taking the month off as a group in preparation for the 10-week session in September.

Some fun ideas that groups have done in the past are; attending city events together (farmers markets, outdoor movies, music festivals or service projects), going on hikes, camping, board game nights, handing out waters or Bibles at community events, cleaning up a local park or serving the homeless community. You could even start a bible study within the group in addition to the other activities.

For ideas on service projects in your city CLICK HERE

If you need help with ideas or planning contact your leadership coach. Many have organized events in the past. This is also a great time to connect with other Discipleship Groups in your area. Feel free to post events on the CCB-Ministry Team message board so other leaders/ groups can join in.