Week 8 - True Identity

WEEK 8 - True Identity

Sharing the Truth About Our Identity


Below is a guideline for your time together this week:

  • Vision Cast - This week remind your group that discipleship is not something we graduate from but is a lifelong endeavor. That the process of helping one another to live for Jesus is continuous. If someone is experiencing slow growth - that's ok. We are all in this together to support and love one another.

    This week we'll be learning to speak the truth to one another in regards to identity. We'll discuss the identity we tend to live out of and will look for opportunities to point one another to what God's Word says about our identity in Christ. The goal is to grow as disciples and learn how we can help disciple others. 

  • Scripture(s) from the sermon; 2 Cor. 5:17; Eph. 4:17-25; Rom. 6:4-11

  • Training (video) - This week's video is 8 mins long. This will be the second to last video for the series. Pastor Joel will be emphasizing the importance of knowing who we are in Christ and sharing those truths with other believers. We will also watch an example of this lived out in the lady's discussion group.

  • Apprenticeship - Have your group spend 5 minutes considering the questions below. As noted at the bottom of page 87, prayerfully listen to the Holy Spirit (as we did in week 3) to discern what God-given identities may need to replace false ones. As someone share truths, ask them, or the group as a whole, where we might find those truths in scripture. Being able to reference a passage in God's Word will enable the one believing a lie to visit that text if that lie creeps in again. This helps them fight against lies and will enable them, or others in the group, to impart those truths to someone else as well.

    • What identity has defined you most throughout your life?

    • How and why did you live out of that identity?

  • Immersion - True discipleship happens in relationship. Living out the immersion is an opportunity for us to incarnate Jesus to one another. To put into practice the disciple-making skills we are learning each week and deepen relationships with one another.