Week 9 - Calling Others

WEEK 9 - Calling Others

Calling Others to Trust and Obey


Below is a guideline for your time together this week:

  • Scripture(s) from the sermon; Hebrews 3:1-19

  • Team, this week will be a little different. I'd like for you, or one of you if you are a married couple, to read the training below to your group before you play the video.

    This video (7 mins) will be our last for the series. In it, Paul will share areas that he has been in sin and the guys help him identify what it looks like to trust and obey Jesus. The idea behind showing these is to help people get to know others in our church family and for them to see these biblical practices lived out. These are unscripted and unrehearsed.

  • Training - read the following for your group:
    This week we are learning another aspect of having intentional conversations and speaking. We will be learning the importance of calling others to trust and obeying Jesus. 

    Hebrews 3:13 says, But exhort one another every day, as long as it is called “today,” that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.

    As we have conversations with others it can be easy to get caught up in talking about Jesus, and his commands, but then not actually obeying him. The term "exhort", in the Greek means to invite or to invoke. It can also mean to call near. This idea of exhorting others is calling them to listen to and trust in Jesus. It is part of having intentional conversations and speaking to others. We want to listen, ask questions and speak the truth. But we also want to be the kind of friend that calls others to live for Jesus. 

    As an example, maybe you have been listening, asking and speaking to a friend about an unhealthy relationship that they are in. After asking questions you discover that they are only staying in the relationship because they falsely believe it gives them worth. Even though it has caused them to sin and disobey God they have chosen to stay in the relationship. This is now an opportunity for you to call your friend to the freedom and abundant life that is only found in trusting and obeying Christ. 

    What would that look like? Well, it could mean that you share with your friend that God loves them perfectly. That Jesus' death on the cross gives them infinite worth. There is no worth that is greater. They no longer need to stay in this sinful relationship and God desires that they walk away. Hopefully, in response, your friend embraces these truths and now believes God is giving them the freedom to leave the sinful relationship. Praise God! The next step then could be helping them to identify how.

    You might say something like, “Since you believe God is calling you to leave this sinful relationship and you know you can trust him lets come up with a plan for this to happen. I want to support you through this as well.” As a friend, you then pray for them and help them come up with a plan.

    These types of situations are not easy. However, we are called to love each other enough that we would help each other to trust and obey Jesus. We are able to do so because we know that Jesus' commands are not burdensome but are loving and life-giving. Calling others to live for Jesus is part of loving others well. It's part of having intentional conversations. These conversations can be life-changing for us but more importantly, they are opportunities for us to glorify God together as we call each other to trust and obey him!'

    So now we are going to watch an example of this lived out. Paul, from the men's group, is going to share a sin he has been living in and we'll see how one of the other guys encourage him to trust and obedience.

    Afterward, we'll then practice this ourselves by answering the questions in our workbooks.

  • Apprenticeship - Based on your conversations in the past few weeks and on the answers to the questions below, seek opportunities to lovingly call others to trust and obey Jesus. This will be the final week of equipping for this series. Next week will be a time of celebration and thanksgiving as we share with each other the ways in which God has grown us throughout this last season.

    Questions for discussion: 

    • What are some ways that you are currently struggling to trust and obey Jesus? 

    • What would it look like to trust and obey him?

  • Immersion - True discipleship happens in relationship. Living out the immersion is an opportunity for us to incarnate Jesus to one another. To put into practice the disciple-making skills we are learning each week and deepen relationships with one another.