Week Five Discussion Questions


  • How does your life reflect that you treasure the Bible?
  • What ways do you share God's truth with others?
  • Where do you tend to avoid sharing God's truth? Why?


Spend 15-20 minutes reviewing John 8:31-36. Use the Listen, Learn, Live worksheet to help you understand and apply this scripture to your life. Then gather back up into your discussion group and discuss your findings for 5-10 minutes. 

STEP 1: LISTEN - What does it say?
Pray and ask God to illuminate the Scriptures. Read the whole chapter, then re- read the verses indicated. Make note of key verses and repeated words.


Key verses:

Repeated words:


STEP 2: LEARN - What does it mean?
Who; is the author? is speaking? is being spoken to?

What; does this say about God? about me or others?

When; does it take place? Where does it take place?

Are there; any commands to obey, sins to avoid, promises to believe?

Are there; any cause/e ect relationships or unique aspects of this Scripture?


STEP 3: LIVE - How does it apply to me and others?
Make an emotional connection with the Scripture. Journal your thoughts, meditate on it for a period of time, and/or pray through it until God’s truth models your mind, heart, and actions.


Do I embrace this truth in my heart? If not, where is there a Gospel disconnect? Do I have sin (commission & omission)? What does God desire for me?

How does this shape my view of God? How does this shape my view of myself? What happens if I believe this? What happens if I don’t believe this?

Response to my conviction

How can I live this out today?
What is stopping me from changing? How can I help bring about gospel change?

How can I bless others? Who may benefit from this?



  • Spend the first 5 minutes in debrief answering the below questions to yourself. Then, share your responses with the group. Help each other grow as disciples by specifically sharing question #3.
  • What happened? Summarize the teaching and apprenticeship module in a few words. Were you encouraged or challenged by anything in particular?
  • How can you use today's teaching or apprenticeship module to disciple others in your Discipleship Group, home, workplace, family, etc?