Group Discussion Resources

Week Four - Discussion Questions

• Think of a specific time that you did not love a “neighbor” well. What was more important to you in that moment? Why was that more important to you?

• Think of a moment that you did love a “neighbor” well. What happened and howdid that reflect God?


Apprenticeship Module Activity

Your group will execute the plan to lovingly serve others. Remember to exemplify Jesus love. This kind of service ought to encourage you to See those in your community, Care for them as Jesus does, and Serve them with what God has given you.

SEE - Seeing is about noticing who is right in front of you. For Jesus, it was spontaneous as he lived his life, even if it seemed inconvenient in the moment. Seeing is noticing that God has placed an actual person in front of you with their own real needs and challenges. Stop and look around at those whom you repeatedly encounter. Then, begin to pay attention to what’s going in your interactions with them.

CARE - Caring is about asking what do they truly need? It’s takes time and conversations to get to know how best to serve someone. The best way to truly care for someone through their need is by offering relationship.

SERVE - Serving is the follow through. This is where you use the resources (like time, money, etc) that God has given us to invest in them. The biggest impacts are when we can share our lives with people in ongoing relationship.



Spend the first 5 minutes in debrief answering the below questions to yourself. Then, share your responses with the group. Help each other grow as disciples by specifically sharing question #3. 

• What happened? Summarize the teaching and apprenticeship module in a few words. Were you encouraged or challenged by anything in particular?

• Do you sense God drawing you to grow as a disciple? In what way?

• How can you use today’s teaching or apprenticeship module to disciple others inyour Discipleship Group, home, workplace, family, etc?