Discussion Questions

  • What spiritual gifts (from the test) seemed true for you? How can you use our gifts to benefit the body?
  • How can you invest your life to be a disciple maker?
  • How can you help equip others to be disciple makers?

Apprenticeship Module

For the activity this week you are going to make a plan together. Pair up in sub-groups of 2-3. Each person will identify someone who they know, but haven’t broached the topic of spirituality with. Plan for a time this coming week when you can practice bringing Jesus into the relationship through the two questions mentioned earlier:

1. Do you have any spiritual beliefs?
2. Who do you think Jesus is?

A couple things to think about when planning for this conversation: with this week? If so, when will you be together? plan to put yourself in their path and it will require a greater degree of intentionality.

As you create this plan and go from your gathering, follow up with the people from your discussion group during the week. Text them and remind them to be praying for you when you enter the conversation. Once you have had the conversation, share how it went. Those in the sub-group offer immediate encouragement, feedback and helpful suggestions as you continue to pursue your One Life in the future.

One Life Principles:
Identify + Invest + Invite

Identify means to pursue someone and get to know them. This is so you can Invest yourself in their life by loving and serving them. You don’t just serve your One Life or get to know them in a superficial way. We want to Invest in the whole person which includes their soul. A great way to begin to bring spiritual things into the relationship is to simply ask a couple of questions:

1. Do you have any spiritual beliefs?
2. Who do you think Jesus is?

As you’re in relationship and having meaningful conversations with someone you’ll have opportunities to Invite them to join you in your Discipleship Group or our Sun- day gathering. Be sure to truly care, ask questions, and listen to them. Just doing this shows your One Life the heart of God and Invites them to give Jesus a closer look. You don’t have to feel the pressure of performing or messing it up - remember Jesus is with you! He will give you the right words, just be yourself - and be vulnerable.

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