Group Discussion Resources

Week one - Discussion quesTions

• What do you think it means to leave everything and follow Jesus?
• What areas do you hesitate to surrender to Jesus? Why?


apprenTiceship moDuLe - acTiviTy

Spend about 5 minutes and think about a specific time when God did a work in your life and fill out the 3 below questions. After that you’ll gather into your discussion groups and share your testimonies with each other.

  • Who were you before Jesus’ work?
  • What did Jesus do in your life?  
  • Who are you now? 


Spend the first 5 minutes in debrief answering the below questions to yourself. Then, share your responses with the group. Help each other grow as disciples by specifically sharing question #3.

• What happened? Summarize the teaching and apprenticeship module in a few words. Were you encouraged or challenged by anything in particular?  

• Do you sense God drawing you to grow as a disciple? In what way?

 • How can you use today’s teaching or apprenticeship module to disciple others in your Discipleship Group, home, workplace, family, etc?