Discussion Questions

  • Who is your One Life? (you can have more than one!)
  • How does God empower us for his mission?
  • Spend 5 minutes in prayer for one another's One Life. 

Apprenticeship Module

You're going to create an immersion plan.


Recognize the convictions that God has given you and write them down.
Having gone through these last 10 weeks, you’ve probably already done this; just review your workbook Debrief pages. In what ways has God been moving in your life over the past 10 weeks?



Identify goals related to those convictions. (ie. tangible outflow of those convictions). 
Remember that practicing spiritual disciplines cultivates the heart's desires. 


Filter those into the areas of time, talent, treasure and testimony table.

  • Time is the number of hours in a day. You have to make choices to use your time in a way that reflects Jesus' heart of love. 
  • Your Talent is the giftedness you've been given. This includes spiritual gifts that we mentioned in Week 3 but also skills you have obtained in life. 
  • Treasure is the possessions we have. We are blessed by God to bless others. How will you respond to your convictions using your treasure. 
  • Your Testimony is the story of God in your life. You can use stories of God's transforming work in your life to respond to the convictions God has given you.
  • Spend the remaining time sharing what you've written with your discussion group. 
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