Group Discussion Resources

Week Three - Discussion Questions

• How have you experienced God’s love?
• Why should we share God’s love with others?
• How can we share God’s love with each other?


Apprenticeship Module Activity

Spend 3 minutes and write down a single need that you have that someone else can fulfill this week that will help you grow as a disciple. Then spend some time going around the discussion group seeing and caring for one another by listening and asking. Lastly, make a plan for how you can serve one another in a tangible way this week. For example, if you know God is asking you to spend time praying each morning but you’re having difficulty getting up in time, then you might ask that someone be willing to call you (or even meet with you) before work each morning this week and pray. Be willing to love genuinely and sacrificially. 

Having Loving Relationships is:

SEE - Seeing means noticing or paying attention. Truly seeing someone must occur before we can begin to have compassion for them. When we really start to see others, we will learn ways to serve them.

CARE - Once we’ve truly seen someone, we have an opportunity to have compassion for them. It’s at this point we can ask questions that help us understand more about what’s going on. Ie. “What do you mean?”, “Tell me more”, and “How can I practically help?” It’s important that we don’t make assumptions about others but rather ask questions to really get to know them.

SERVE - This is the physical representation of God’s love for that person. Following through and loving them in a way they feel or need to be loved. Knowing your spiritual gifts are really helpful to be effective at loving well.



Spend the first 5 minutes in debrief answering the below questions to yourself. Then, share your responses with the group. Help each other grow as disciples by specifically sharing question #3. 

• What happened? Summarize the teaching and apprenticeship module in a few words. Were you encouraged or challenged by anything in particular? 

• Do you sense God drawing you to grow as a disciple? In what way?

 • How can you use today’s teaching or apprenticeship module to disciple others in your Discipleship Group, home, workplace, family, etc?