Marriage Ministry

The purpose of the Marriage Ministry is to disciple couples by equipping them to faithfully carry out their wedding vows, love one another like Christ loves the church, and leave a legacy of families devoted to Christ.

The Marriage Ministry is a ministry to couples (as defined by God in the scriptures: one man and one woman) who are either dating, engaged, or married. Its purpose is to provide a Biblical foundation for displaying Christ’s love for the church through the lifelong covenant of one man and one woman. The Marriage Ministry consists of two types of groups:

·      Marriage Groups (MGs)

·      Preparing for Marriage Groups (PMGs)

Marriage Groups utilize the Resurrection Church Marriage Equip (based off of ‘Love that Lasts’ book by Gary and Betsy Ricucci) to disciple couples who are already married. Preparing for Marriage Groups utilize ‘Tying the Knot’ by Rod Green and a modified version of the ‘Capitol Hill Baptist’ curriculum and homework to disciple couples who are dating or engaged to be married.

Both Marriage Groups and Preparing for Marriage Groups meet in people’s homes throughout the week. Marriage Groups last for 10 weeks, while Preparing for Marriage Groups meet 5 times in total.


If you'd like to take a step towards joining one of these groups, please follow the links below.