Meaningless - Behind the Song

Have you ever been frustrated with life on earth? Sure there is a lot to enjoy. But has the futility of the daily grind worn you down from time to time?

The distance between our birth and our death is almost unnoticeable when considered in the grand scheme of time. We are a drop in the bucket and our impact can seem non-existent, especially when measured beyond our lifetime - who will ever know what we did? Who will care? This brings us to the point of saying ‘what’s the point?!’. We might say that to ourselves, to a friend, or yell it at God, but we all have felt it at some time in our lives. 

While getting to the place of asking this question can be depressing, this is actually a good thing. It’s good to ask because we are finally on to something that God wants us to recognize. We were built for eternity (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Our lives were meant to be lived before the face of God - working, multiplying, worshipping him - but not for a few decades. It was meant to never end. The futility of life exists because of the curse of sin and death have tainted all of creation and now nothing lasts. 

I almost didn’t write this song, because after soaking up the words of Ecclesiastes I thought, ‘what’s the point?! Why should I write a song that’s just going to add to the pile of content people are generating and trying to digest every day?’ Then the Lord spoke to me. I realized that though life under the sun will never satisfy us and everything will eventually evaporate like mist, we have hope. We have hope because Jesus came to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth (Matthew 5) and grant eternal life to those who believe in him (John 3:16). He is our hope. And this hope doesn’t begin or end at death, it is a living hope (1 Peter 1:3)! It is hope for purpose in life today. That if I live for his glory, I’m living with eternity in view. My work is not futile because I’m working in the kingdom of heaven!

In spite of the somewhat dark subject matter, writing and recording this song was an absolute joy because in the journey of writing, hoping in Christ had to become a fresh reality for me again. I hope you enjoy Meaningless and it ministers to you.

- Pastor Joel Brown



A mist vanishes as quick as it came
The sun rises, sets and rises again
The length of a breath is all it sustains
Once you exhale nothing remains
Such is this life and I confess that at times
I grow weary to think I am merely a blink Nothing more

Is life just a mist of meaninglessness?
Or did you write eternity inside of me?
So that I would long for more than vanity
Is life just a mist of meaninglessness?

Running in circles only to find my hands never fill the harder I strive
Because the clinching of fists won’t grab hold of the wind
And my toil won't end until I'm dust again

But you, oh Lord have no number of days
No end to reach no work to complete
Forever you stand your word, your plans
In this hopeless life your beacon will shine
So the hope I have now will not end at my death
This eternal longing is quenched with your breath
I can see it so clear and I’m taken away
On a day never ending, with you face to face
For this time everlasting has now begun
May your face be my daybreak and your glory my sun

Life is a mist but not meaningless
For you wrote eternity inside of me
So that I would long for more than vanity

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