A Monumental Moment

There are certain moments in life that stand out as important and special. These are the monumental moments, things like learning to drive, getting your first job, graduating school, getting married, or having a child. Often when we look back at our lives, these monumental moments are what we remember best, as they seem to be the most meaningful moments.

Recently, we had a monumental moment in the life of our church as we launched what we are calling, the Legacy Church Planting Residency. The Legacy Church Planting Residency exists to develop and send pastors to plant Resurrection Churches throughout the South Puget Sound area.


The residency will be a relational, two year program, in which residents are developed in four specific areas: preaching, shepherding, leadership and mission. The hope is that during these two years of development, residents will be raised up as pastors and when the time is right, be sent out to plant a church.

I’m happy to announce that Dmitriy Spatarel and his wife Mary will be our first church planting resident couple. Over the years, it has been wonderful watching Dmitriy and Mary grow into loving, fruitful leaders.  This past Sunday, we shared with Resurrection Church the wonderful news about Dmitriy and Mary. Check out this video where they share their hearts.

Here is a photo from Dmitriy’s first day of residency. For his first day, we outlined a sermon together (which is on the whiteboards in the background). I love how excited he is. :-)


We are so happy for Dmitriy and Mary, as we love them very much. Please join me in praying for Dmitriy, Mary and their three children as they enter into this new season of development.

Things to pray for Dmitriy and Mary:

  • Wisdom - Dmitriy is being trained and developed. Please pray that he and Mary grow in wisdom.  

  • Protection - With this new opportunity comes greater spiritual warfare. Please pray that God will protect their family.

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