February 24th Core Group Gathering

Hi friends! (Dmitriy here)

First of all, I'm so grateful for our time together! 

Thank you for coming together on all fronts to make our gathering happen! A lot of you volunteered to set up everything, many of you signed up to bring an item for the Potluck (which was awesome!), others helped facilitate our time, and a TON of you helped clean up the place! 

I wanted to give a shoutout to our R Kids volunteers who watched our kids during our formal meeting time. A big 'thank you!!' to Janelle, Breanna, Tyler, Alex, George, and Natalya. Thank you for serving us and our kiddos in this way! 

Quick Re-cap:


Our aim for our gathering was to define what "success" means for us as a church plant. 
We looked at Matthew 28:18-20 and examined the words of Jesus in the "Great Commission." We concluded that the church belongs to Jesus and therefore should be committed to living out the mission that he's given to the church to go and make disciples!   

Some of you have texted me how the teaching impacted you and what you've been learning through it. I'd love for you to share how the message ministered to you and how God is calling you to be committed to the mission of Jesus. If you'd like to do that just email me! 


We spent some time writing down the names of every non-christian that came to mind and we realized that we know 647 non-Christians just among the core team. That was pretty eye-opening! Then we spent some time praying for these people and asking God to give us opportunities to build relationships with them and to share the gospel with them. 


As we concluded our time I asked us as a core team to keep the lists that we wrote out and to commit to praying every day for the people on each of our lists. I shared with you my own list of the top 10 people I know and am close with either through proximity or influence. I've committed to praying for these people and for God to provide me with opportunities to witness to them. 

I hope that our time together was encouraging to you all and I'm looking forward to what God will do in and through us as we commit ourselves to be disciples who make disciples!