God desires that all would know him.

As Disciples, our call is to make disciples by sharing
the Gospel with those that don’t know Jesus.

This is part of our lifelong call to pursue
and love others like Jesus. 


1. Identify

Pursue intentionally with the heart of God.

God gives us unique opportunities in our lives to share the living hope of Christ with others to know the living God.

  • Prayerfully consider who God has placed in your life that needs Jesus.

  • Continue to build your relationship with the intention that you will have opportunities to share and live out the Gospel with them.


2. Invite

Build a relationship of trust & invite to a life of faith.

We want others to experience and witness the abundant life in Christ. 

  • Invite them to where you hear the Gospel proclaimed and allow them to witness the Christian life in action.

  • Invite them to life with Jesus or the next step in their faith.


3. Invest

Continue to walk with and support. 

We want people to grow in Christ and what God has called them to. We invest in his people, his kingdom. 

  • Encourage and challenge them to the next place in their faith and pursuit of God.

  • Pour into their life, continue to image Christ to them.