This is the Time to Serve

Story by Jasmine Linke
Photo & Video by Tyler Trudeau

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After moving to Tacoma from New York three years ago, Frank and Betty DiMarco joined Resurrection Church with two main goals: to get connected and serve where it was most needed. The DiMarcos were thrilled to become R-Kids volunteers not only because of their long history of serving in children’s ministry but also because of their belief that Resurrection is “on a mission to make disciples in any age group with intentionality and passion.”

The DiMarcos believe serving in R-Kids provides a great opportunity to connect and share Jesus with people in the youngest age group, and they feel it is a privilege to see firsthand how receptive the kids’ hearts are to God’s word.

When it comes to serving during retirement, Betty believes, “It’s about kingdom work. This has eternal value; this is probably one of the most important things we do…You can talk to your family or to others about what it’s like to serve, but when you’re there consistently, loving Jesus, praying with children, being filled with joy, that’s the legacy that has meaning. That’s the legacy that lasts.”

Watch this video and learn why Betty and Frank encourage people of every age to come and see the amazing, fun, and joyful things going on in R-Kids each week.

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