Serving as a Student

Story by Lisa Collins

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If you have never met any of the Cameron kids, I would highly recommend walking up to at least one of them and introducing yourself. Talking to them, you will feel their deep resounding Godly joy and be inspired by a family that serves out of a heart of love.

Katherine (20), Timothy (18), Kenan (16), Jared (14), and Phoebe (13) are five out of the 11 children in the Cameron Family who use their gifting to serve in R-Kids Discipleship Co-op.    

When asked why they serve in R-Kids, a common answer from Katherine, Timothy, Kenan, Jared and Phoebe was that they were filling a need. The Cameron’s have a heart to serve wherever they are needed most and also as a way to connect with their church and God’s people.


Kenan who currently volunteers in walking-two serves because, “I am called to disciple other Christians as well as non Christians. It is a need in our church, and I am qualified to help fill it. I love working with children and being able to see them learn about Jesus is really cool.”

The Cameron’s see the importance of teaching the gospel to everyone no matter the age. Jared, Phoebe and Kenan have witnessed toddlers speak simple yet important truths about God. “We often repeat simple phrases such as “God made everything!” and “We love Jesus!” time after time so these simple truths will be cemented in their hearts and it is my joy to see them repeat it with us.”

Our own Christian walk can also be impacted by serving our littlest church attendees. While serving in R-Kids, the Lord has shown Katherine there is a lot to learn from the children that we can apply to our relationship with God. “I think it’s a good, constant reminder to have the eyes of a child when looking at life. They have no fear or worries. They trust their parents to care for them, in that same way we need to trust God knowing that He never lets us go hungry and has only the best in store for us.” Sometimes the innocence of a child can humble us to see God’s character and how he wants us to follow Him.

“Whoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:4

Every time Kenan serves, he realizes the importance of kids ministry. “Not because God needs me in any way, but rather, by teaching these little children about Jesus, God is glorified and I am able to learn just as much about God’s greatness as the children I am teaching.”  Phoebe reiterates that the biblical truths she is teaching toddlers in class such as, God is strong or God loves you, “are so simple that 2- year-old’s will be able to understand, but they still are true and they still apply in my life [today].” Timothy serves in a variety of classes, often bouncing around where he is needed the most, and although he may not be in the same class each week, he still feels a connection with all the children he teaches in R-Kids Co-op. Timothy said the best part of serving in the younger classes is, “watching their little minds processing the answer, and their eyes brightening up when they know the answer. Watching them grow in the Lord and watching them praise God is so touching to my heart.” While serving in the older classes, Timothy is often encouraged by the deeper conversations about God and how His Son came down to earth. “It is so powerful to me, because knowing how corrupted the world we live in is, and seeing this new generation knowing the truth and what to do in their time of need, and knowing how to share the gospel is so amazing to see.”

Serving in R-Kids Discipleship Co-op, you not only get to be a part of investing in the next generation, but you will also build relationships within our church family and create fond memories. Phoebe will always remember the toddlers squeezing and hugging their bibles close to their chest during Bible time. Kenan cherishes his time serving during Easter with his whole family, “My family and I came to the 7 o’clock and some of us stayed to serve all 4 services. I had such a blast and was able to have fun with so many toddlers that I normally don’t see all in one day. I don’t think I have held so many children in one day and I don’t think I have seen so many excited, crying and crazy toddlers in one room!”

There is not too many dull moments serving in R-kids. Children are full of emotions, energy and life. And just like adults, they are hungry for the word. Join R-Kids Discipleship Co-op and experience the joy and privilege of investing in the next generation of leaders.   


“It is amazing to invest in the little kids and help to plant the seeds in their hearts.” -Katherine

“The effort it takes is definitely worth it in order to disciple the next generation” -Phoebe

“It is always fun, you get to disciple the children of the next generation to know, love and serve Jesus, and as you serve, you are continually being sanctified in Jesus.” -Kenan

“Try it out, feel out each class and if you do not want to do it anymore then try out the other "stations" that you could serve at. (e.g. Hospitality).” -Jared

“Serving with kids is so amazing because I get to volunteer with so many people that are eager to let kids know the truth about God, and there's so much kindness and gentleness that they show when serving. You will love it no matter who you are!” -Timothy

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