A Legacy of Serving Together

Serving as a part of R-Kids ministry at Resurrection Church means partnering with parents to disciple the children of the church to know and love Jesus. Judd and Marissa Youell have been carrying out this mission on Sunday mornings for years in R-Kids, and along the way, they discovered these acts of service taking on deeper meaning in their own lives. The Youell’s children, Jonathan and Anna, began serving alongside of them in R-Kids, and together a deep impact was made not just on the the children of the ministry, but on the Youell family themselves.

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On any Sunday morning, the Youells can most often be found serving in the nursery and toddler room. For Judd and his family, serving here was a matter of being called to where the need was greatest. Recalling this, Judd details their beginnings in R-Kids, “I serve because I was asked to. It’s not anything real deep and spiritual and theological. I said, I’ll serve anywhere… so here I am.” This simple yet powerful call to serve the kids in the nursery came down to acknowledging their call as Christians. Judd knew the command in God’s Word to serve those around us, and how important it was to show his own kids that this is part of how God’s work is done in the world. As a father and follower of Christ, he led his family to loving others through service, and because of this his children do the same.

Serving in the church has been a part of life for as long as Anna, Judd and Marissa’s daughter, can remember. This legacy of service exemplified in her parents has had a deep impact on how Anna herself carries out the Christian call to serve and love others. Anna speaks to the heart of service by acknowledging that it should be a major part of our everyday lives as those who walk with Christ. In her own words, Anna reflects on how serving in R-Kids has strengthened her Christian walk, “...you have to be a servant to these kids. There’s no way you can’t be a servant. You can’t just sit on the sidelines and do nothing because there’s always something you need to do. And I think that has helped with learning how to serve everyone in any situation.”

Anna’s words serve as a powerful reminder that we are called, as Christians, to serve those around us. And oftentimes that means serving those who can’t give back, those who need the Gospel truth not only spoken to them, but exemplified to them through service. Because Judd and Marissa led their children to serve others in this way, Anna’s walk with Christ has embodied the Christian values of love and service as well.

Serving the children in R-Kids is not only a blessing to the kids and the parents whom the ministry serves, but for the Youells, serving in R-Kids became a blessing to their own family simply through serving alongside one another. Judd and Marissa were able to teach their own children Gospel truths by engaging their walk with Christ in this way, and in turn countless others have been taught to know, love and serve kids. Judd and Marissa, along with Anna and Jonathan, have not only carried out the mission of R-Kids, but the mission Jesus gives his followers to last through the centuries - go and make disciples.

If you are interested in serving the parents and children of our church, follow this link to sign up for serving in R-Kids.

If you are a parent and are looking for more resources to disciple your kids to love Jesus and follow him, R-Kids not only sends out a regular newsletter but also has an Instagram page that can further encourage and equip you.

And with all of this, please continue to pray that R-Kids would be a place that would grow to be filled with stories like the Youells, where families build legacies of service and kids come to know and love Jesus, over and over again.

Sarah DawsonComment