Jesus Loves These Kids!

Written by Lisa Collins
Photo and Video by Tyler Trudeau

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Alison Graves has been serving in R-Kids Ministry for around five years and primarily teaches in the Walking-2 class. While teaching some of our youngest church members, Alison finds great joy in praying, singing and discussing big theological concepts in ways the children will understand.    

“They learn that God is big and strong, that God loves them, that they get to love God and that NO ONE is too small for God. He wants that relationship with them, and that is just so huge to tiny people.”

Alison, who is also a foster mom,  experiences firsthand that children are being impacted by the messages from R-Kids Discipleship Co-op. She mentions being constantly encouraged when she hears the kids in her home repeat phrases and concepts taught from the lessons in class. She has witnessed the fruits from these truths when her children pray over their dolls or when she hears their voices singing from the other room: “My God is so big, my God is so mighty, there’s nothing that my God cannot do.”

“That’s not time that’s wasted. We’re not just entertaining our kids; we are discipling them, and we are giving our parents the tools to help them be able to unpack this during their week.”

Alison serves because she has been blessed by our church and lifted up by her fellow sisters during times of hardship. She feels that serving in R-Kids is one way she can give back and allow moms to sit for an hour in peaceful worship.

Watch the video of Alison to hear more about her experience serving in R-Kids, what she has to say about the new Truth 78 curriculum for the toddlers, and how serving a church that values investing in the next generation of believers has brought her deep joy and gratitude.

We would love for you to experience the same joy, blessing and community that our volunteers keep mentioning by serving in R-Kids Discipleship Co-op!

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