Leading R Kids in Worship


Story by Jasmine Linke
Video by Tyler Trudeau

Last year Renee saw a need for the kids at Resurrection Church to have a chance to worship God collectively. Wanting to use her musical gifts and experience of leading worship throughout high school and college for God’s glory, Renee sought out to provide a space for children to experience what it means to sing out loud to the Lord.

On Sundays Renee Wallstrom can be found leading the R-Kids worship with songs and hand motions in the Kids Auditorium, but it is more than just noise and dance in R-Kids worship every weekend.  Renee is intentionally discipling kids by leading worship and helping them understand the why of singing together by talking about the meaning of each song and giving kids opportunity to praise Jesus with a "joyful noise."

“We want the kids to know not only that they are loved by God, and that He wants their whole life, but that worship and singing out loud is just an outward expression of how we feel about God.”

To hear more about worship in R-Kids watch this short video interview with Renee and Janelle that captures the heart of discipling R-Kids through praise and worship.

If you have a desire to use your musical gifting in helping others connect to God through worship - whether you play an instrument, know sign language, can help with sound or running slides you can get involved in our R-Kids Worship Team. To get more information on how to get involved you can contact Janelle or Renee at the link below.

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