Come, Let us Adore Him...

“Come, Let us Adore Him...”

Those are the words that repeat in my head when I think of the Advent season. Translated from the Latin word, Adventus, meaning coming or arrival, Advent is a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and the anticipation of His return. As we all know, waiting tends to be a slow process and this celebration mirrors the slowly unfolding drama of the Advent of the Savior himself in history.

How do you celebrate Advent?

The Advent season is the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Each Sunday, we light a candle signifying Christ’s light coming into the world, and read a promise about Jesus that God has given us through His word.

You can use the R-Kids Advent Family Guide, and set aside ten minutes each week to talk with your children about what each candle on the advent wreath represents and how we can remember the promises we have in Christ. All you need are five candles, matches and a Bible.

Inside the Family Guide, you will also find scripture to read aloud that tells of God’s promises to His children; prayers; songs and hymns; discussion questions to help you further engage your family in God’s word; and fun activities as well!     

At times, the Christmas season can become overwhelmingly busy as we gather with friends and family and prepare gifts for loved ones. We hope that you are encouraged by the R-Kids Advent Family Guide to find the time to slow down this holiday season and reflect on the anticipation of the coming of Christ and be filled with the wonder and glory of the incarnation of Jesus Christ!  

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