Finding Community Through Serving Together


The Dobson family first decided to serve in R-Kids solely for the reason that there was a need for volunteers, but what they found was a family within the R-Kids Discipleship Co-Op and a place that also impacts their own children’s lives in a special way.

When Stephanie was close to having their third boy, during a VIP (Vision, Information & Prayer) meeting, the whole R-Kids team laid hands on the Dobson family and prayed for them and for their future.

“It was really cool to witness that and have our boys see people laying hands and praying for our family…a special moment we won’t forget…I felt very loved and very supported.”

Their involvement has not only brought them closer to God’s people, it has helped them draw closer to the Lord too. Being a part of a missional community has inspired them to read their bibles more often and study God’s word. They also love to use the R-Kids bible memory verses taught in class on Sunday in their own home with their three boys.

Watch this video and learn why the Dobson family makes serving a priority for their busy family and how it has helped them disciple their growing family:

Lisa CollinsComment