Serving Impacts Discipleship


Every Sunday, we have a body of believers gathering for worship and learning God’s Word together. They meet in the basement of our building, and on any given week around 180 kids are discipled and equipped to learn about the good news of Jesus. R-Kids is a ministry whose mission is to partner with parents in discipling their kids to know, love, and serve kids. It exists not only for the young body of believers in our church, but for the families that surround them.

Natalie Spotts has served with R-Kids for almost two years. In that time, she has had the opportunity to watch her own kids grow in their faith and can personally testify to how serving has become a “big part of our family’s heartbeat,” and the way it affects the discipleship of her family as a whole. To hear Natalie’s story, watch the video below and discover more about the ways God has worked through her serving in R-Kids to disciple and equip her family.

Natalie’s story is a testimony to the importance of serving in the church. In R-Kids specifically, she reminds us that it is an “investment in the generations to come,” and that “there’s a place for everybody to make this ministry run smoothly and reach these kids with the gospel.” If you feel called to serve with R-Kids or simply want more information on how R-Kids can provide a space of discipleship for your family, you can get involved today.

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