Living Sent in Kid's Ministry. Part 1


Living Sent in R-kids Discipleship Co-op

On Sunday, Kelly Wilson told us her story about how she is living sent by sharing the gospel to the children in R-kids Discipleship Co-op. If you missed her message, you can read it below and hear about an opportunity to serve our church family.

Written by Kelly Wilson-

R-kids is our Resurrection Church kids’ ministry; the “R” stands for Resurrection, but also for “OUR”; we are a family here, and we find we have the most impact on our kids when people from the whole church body participate in this ministry: teenagers, empty nesters, parents, singles, married people, women, and men.  When we have all sorts of people involved, we get to really show the kids how expansive the gospel is and what it looks like to follow Jesus in every walk of life!

I want to give a special invitation to the men of the congregation—particularly because fatherlessness is very common in our region.  My own father left our home when my youngest sister was 9 months old, so I know firsthand how difficult it is to get a grasp on what a loving heavenly Father is like when you don’t have that example in your earthly father.  BUT I also know from my experience the impact a man who loves Jesus makes when he is involved with kids in a ministry like this. When kids see you faithfully showing up, learning their names, and caring more for their heart than their performance, they begin to connect the dots: “Ok, this man loves Jesus- maybe this is how Jesus loves me, too.”  Having the privilege of serving alongside men like this in R-kids has helped my own picture of what a personal, loving God looks like, and I know it is making a big impact on the kids themselves.

However, maybe you’re a father who is struggling to know what it looks like to be that godly leader for your kids—come serve with us; we have many tools and resources specifically designed to help parents bring home God’s truth to their own kids’ hearts.

At R-kids we do strive to go way beyond childcare as we seek to intentionally live out the gospel to the kids, by discipling them to know and serve Jesus.  We start doing this in the nursery by praying scripture over the babies, and as the children grow, we build on that foundation by planting seeds of Jesus in their hearts.  

Would you consider joining us a couple times a month? If God is laying this on your heart, and you want to learn how to spread the gospel in an environment that is both fun and impactful, please visit the connect desk in the back after service, or contact Janelle Dutcher We’d love to talk further about how God has used kids’ ministry to equip our church family’s littlest members to live sent and how you can be a part of that too!

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