11:00 am Service and R-Kids Discipleship Co-op is Open!


Snowmagedon 2019

and Kid's Ministry

The weather is suppose to get to freezing temperatures tonight and snow again tomorrow! Our church will be going down to one service at 11:00am this Sunday. Kid’s ministry will be open, but the class sizes will depend on how many volunteers can make it—like many of us, our volunteers have limited means of transportation in these snowy conditions.  If you are able to join us for the 11:00 service, we are looking forward to seeing you and your children! We may blend age groups, do larger class sizes, or a different style of worship based on volunteer numbers. 

Your safety is most important, if you do not feel safe and are unable to make the drive, please stay safe at home. The sermon will be posted on our main website for you to enjoy. In the meantime; grab some blankets, snuggle up with some hot cocoa and read this week’s lesson. 

“The Golden Calf”

Read: Exodus 32; 34

Christ Connection: God used Moses to lead the people. Moses brought God’s message to the Israelites and prayed to God for the people. He acted as a mediator, standing for them before God. Moses could not do anything to make up for their sin, but we have a better Mediator—Jesus. Jesus paid for our sin on the cross and stands for us before God. When we trust in Jesus, our sins are forgiven.

Question and Answer:


1. Where did Moses go? (up the mountain)

2. Who talked to Moses on the mountain? (God)

3. Why was God angry? (God’s people worshiped a golden calf.)

4. What did Moses throw down and break? (the two stone tablets that God had written on)

5. What did Moses ask God to do? (forgive the people)

6. What is worship? Worship is celebrating the greatness of God.

SAY •God’s people disobeyed God, and Moses asked God to forgive them. Moses talked to God for the people. When we sin, Jesus talks to God for us. Jesus never sinned. God forgives those who trust in Jesus.


SAY •God loved the Israelites. The laws were for their good. So when they turned away from Him and created an idol, God disciplined His people for worshiping a golden calf.

Ask the following questions:

1. Being disciplined is never fun. But why is it necessary and even helpful? Help kids recognize that discipline

often helps us learn from our mistakes. It also helps us see the severity of our wrongdoing—the greater the

offense, the greater the discipline. (Option: read Heb. 12:11.)

2. How does God’s discipline show that He loves us? Help kids recognize that God disciplines us because He

loves us. If He didn’t love us, He wouldn’t care what we did. He wants us to follow His rules because He knows

what’s best for us. (Option: read Prov. 3:11-12.)

3. What would happen if we were never disciplined? Help kids recognize that without discipline, everyone

would do their own thing. There would be no order and no way to hold people accountable for their actions.

(Option: read Prov. 12:15.)

SAY •No one likes to be disciplined, but when we view discipline as an act of love, we’re better able to learn

from our mistakes and help others avoid the same mistakes.

Key Passage: 

Exodus 15:2a

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