Frank and Betty DiMarco: Evidence of God's Grace

This past Sunday Betty and Frank DiMarco shared encouraging stories of children in Rkids Discipleship Co-op. The stories tell evidence of God’s grace from the faithful work that parents, families, friends and volunteers put in at home, and on Sundays to teach our kids about Jesus Christ and the truths of the Bible. 


One mom shared a powerful story with Betty that happened during “a bedtime conversation with her four-year-old daughter about a new friend in the neighborhood. They were talking about how she could be a good friend to this new girl. Her daughter openly admitted that sometimes she is not a good friend because ‘I hit, or push, and sometimes I don’t want to share with others.’ When this mom asked what this is called, her daughter replied that it is disobedience. Mom probed a little deeper and said, ‘what else is this called?' Her daughter replied, ‘sin.’ This mom is beginning to see the fruit of the gospel message in the life of her daughter.” 

A child identifying sin in their life may seem as if they are simply using a vocabulary word taught in Sunday school, but it is so much bigger than that—think about how hard is it for grown adults to identify our own sin? For our children to even know these words, and how sin plays out in everyday situations, should make us want to throw our hands up and praise God!

Another story Betty and Frank shared was from a foster mom who “has been working for almost a year with a girl who came to them at the age of two. This child had definitely experienced trauma in her young life as evidence of her unsettled spirit and rebellious behaviors when she was first introduced to her new family. This Christian foster family works tirelessly to share the love of Christ during the week and every Sunday they bring the children to RKids. The transformation in this young girl is evidence of the gospel at work. Her spirit is more peaceful. She listens to directions and obeys more. This past Saturday she whispered something wonderful to the social worker.. ‘Jesus loves me.’ We praise the Lord for the way He is moving in the hearts of our children.”

As parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or a friend of friends who has kids, we have the greatest privilege to disciple children to know Jesus and let Him be known! If you have a child in your life, please join us for, what the Dimarco’s called, “a great equipping opportunity. During this 3-hour training on June 8th, you will learn how to incorporate the gospel into everyday conversations and then into your daily routines. By the end of the training you will be equipped to share the gospel in age appropriate ways with children from birth to fifth grade and in turn, teach them ways to share their faith with others.”

Thank you Frank and Betty DiMarco for encouraging us with these stories and your words of wisdom. Information for the parenting training is below and please contact Janelle Dutcher for any questions or concerns.

Debra Rowe presents: Shepherding a Child Toward Christ

Saturday, June 8,2019

10:00am - 1:00pm

Resurrection Church

$15.00 includes registration, childcare and lunch (for you and kids) 


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