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Ready for Back to School in R-Kids

Helpful information to start the new season off right!

With summer coming to a close and school is just around the corner, we hope you all are enjoying summer’s last hurrah! I know we are—I think we have done more activities this last week than we did all summer combined! 

Some of you might be checking off the last items on your list for school preparation, while others may be playing outside or at the fair! However you decide to spend the last days of summer, all the volunteers in R-kids Discipleship Co-op are looking forward to starting this new fall season with you and your kids! As we partner with you in discipling your children, here is some information we would like you to know.

New Class:

As your kids begin a new grade for school they may also moving up a class in kids ministry. Here are some helpful tips in preparing your kid as they transition to their new class and information about each of our classes:

  • Introduce them to their new teacher - let the teacher know if this is their first week in the new classroom.

  • Prepare them for the new classroom by talking to your kids about switching to a new class. 

  • Remind them of the class rules: 


"I Can Listen"

"I Can Show Respect"

"I Can Stay Safe"

"I Can Participate...And Have Fun"

Walking - 2’s

  • If moving to Walking- 2’s: Get to know the Truth78 curriculum! Prayer and monthly verse memorization are introduced along with a truth statement about God! At the beginning of this month we began the “God made Everything” lesson! Click the link below to browse the content of this curriculum!

Preschool - 5th grade 

  • If moving to Preschool- 5th grade: Get to know The Gospel Project and have conversations with your child about what they are to expect in their new class! Click the link below to preview an example lesson of The Gospel Project.

Classroom Map

Sometimes a new classroom can be scary - walk your kid to their new class before the official switch to get them familiar with new location. Here is a map of the classes so you can be familiar with where to go when they move up!


New Curriculum Unit:

The preschool - 5th grade classes have started a new volume in the Gospel Project curriculum called A Nation Divided. Israel and Judah, ruled mostly by evil kings, continued to disobey God. God sent prophets like Elijah and Elisha to reveal His power, love, and faithfulness to His people. God reminded them of His plan to send a Rescuer, Jesus, to take away their sin. Despite His people’s continued sin, God used Hosea’s life to show that He still loved Israel, though she was unfaithful. God called Jonah to a godless nation, showing that no one is beyond God’s compassion. God called Jeremiah and used him to tell the people about the coming of a new covenant in which sin can be forgiven once and for all. Ultimately, God punished our sin through His Son, Jesus, and made Him our King forever.  


We have the unique opportunity to disciple our children together. R-Kids desires to partner with parents in discipling their kids to know, love, and serve Jesus. In an effort to equip parents for at-home discipleship, each week your child is sent home a parent resource card. This card has information on what your children learned in class that day. In addition to the lesson overview, the card will have tips to help home discipleship by offering conversation topics and questions to help facilitate deeper thinking and life application of the lesson they learned that Sunday.


You can partner with us by serving in R-Kids and modeling the idea of disciples making disciples! There is opportunity to serve everywhere from welcome team, weekly curriculum preparation to classroom teachers and volunteers.

With the new launch of Resurrection Church Federal Way/ Auburn coming, this is another great opportunity to serve if this new plant is in your area! 

Stay Connected

R-Kids instagram page and blog serve as a tool to help keep parents informed on what your kids are learning week to week. We post the Gospel Project curriculum cards, updates on what is happening in R-Kid’s ministry, and provide resources to help you make disciples at home!

Also, you can sign up for our newsletter to get updates sent straight to your email!


If you have any questions or would like more support in how to help your kids with the transition to new class, we would love to pray with you and offer support and encouragement in any way possible.

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