Growing as a Leader in Kids Ministry


Alex Poprozhuk starting serving in kids ministry just weeks into our beginnings as a church plant in Federal Way almost 10 years ago.

During those first few weeks, Alex felt inspired by the sermons that were being preached about serving. He said there was an emphasis on serving in kids ministry and the seeds that were planted from those sermons made it easy for Alex to say yes when his good friend suggested that they serve in kids ministry together.

At first, Alex helped in any room that needed a volunteer the most, but then started serving consistently in the 4th-5th grade class.  

“I ended up serving more consistently in the oldest kid room with a good friend. We didn't know what we were doing, but it was really fun and we learned on the job.”  

Alex also helped with the set up and break down of kids ministry area. This showed Alex’s passion to serve his church by coming before and after volunteering in classrooms in order to help our church function as a mobile campus.

As the church grew and more services opened up, Alex was asked to be service lead and has led ever since. Serving in kids ministry for nearly a decade has not only helped Alex grow as a leader but also as a brother in Christ. He has learned, and continues to learn from the people he serves alongside on Sundays in R Kids Discipleship Co-op.   

“Everything I know about leading and serving faithfully week in and week out, I learned from them. Serving in kids ministry is not just about pouring into and discipling kids, but just as much about pouring into each other.”

Alex’s wife Kristina began serving in kids ministry around the same time she started attending the church 8 years ago. Coming from a large family and also a background of nannying, it seemed only natural for Kristina to fill in the need that is always present in kids ministry. Throughout the years, Kristina helped out in any class that needed a volunteer the most. She has spent most her time volunteering in the 2nd-5th grade class, up until the recent birth of their third child, Mila.

During her time in the 2nd-5th grade class, Kristina’s often served as a teacher. Her willingness to serve where the need was greatest took Kristina out of her comfort. 

“It was a challenge for me to take on the responsibility of teaching, since I felt like teaching didn't come naturally to me. I had to prepare the lesson, and that meant I had to study and understand the truth of the bible lesson for that week.”  

God has a way of pulling us out of our comfort and showing us that He can grow and use us for His glory in ways we would never imagine. Kristina was faithful in serving in the direction God was leading her, because of that she grew as a teacher and leader in Kids Discipleship Co-op.  

“I was constantly being encouraged by these truths and was eager to share them with the kids on Sunday. I became more comfortable with teaching, and enjoyed being able to discuss the bible with the children.”

Looking back on all the years Alex and Kristina have served in kids ministry, I could imagine all the laughs and fond memories that were had. Alex states, “there are a few prayer requests that kids shared that I think back to and have a good chuckle.” But one of his best experiences was serving along side a teenager in R Kids Discipleship Co-op that was once a toddler in one of the classes Alex served in many years ago. Through that relationship God showed Alex a legacy of discipling new generations. That toddler grew up in the church feeling “loved and discipled all those years, and now grown, he is giving his time and talents doing the same.”

Volunteering in R Kids discipleship Co-op quickly begins to feel like a family, and that is exactly why Alex and Kristina have continued to serve over the years. To them, R Kids has always been home and where Alex and Kristina find inspiration and the tools to love and disciple their own children.   

Thank you Alex Poprozhuk and family for faithfully serving our children throughout the years in R Kids Discipleship Co-op. So much has changed over the last 10 years, and you have been constant, loving and faithful leaders to our kids and Kids ministry team! Alex continues to lead at the 11:00 service, Kristina currently helps in the nursery with their youngest baby. She also supports Alex in his role as lead by being filling in the classrooms as needed and taking care of the kids on Sundays when the whole family can't make it to 2 services.

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