Disciple Equip is a 10-week equipping process that will help you to grow as a disciple and will also give you practical tools which will enable you to disciple others.

This is a great entry point if you're new to Resurrection Church, a newer Christian, or would like additional training in how to make disciples. The equipping covers; our core values, helps you experience those values first-hand, and establishes a plan for how to grow in the context of relationship.

At Resurrection Church, we believe relational discipleship is key to experiencing ongoing transformation. After attending Disciple Equip, these gatherings are the next step which can provide an opportunity for you to grow and disciple others in the context of community.

As followers of Jesus, we gather together in small groups to pray for each other, learn from each other, and challenge each other to live for Jesus in all of life. Not only are we committed to helping one another grow, we are also seeking to impact our neighborhoods with the gospel.

Discipleship Groups (DGs) consist of 6-12 adults and they meet for 10-week sessions throughout the year. There are 3 types of groups; Co-ed (led by a married couple), Women Only, Men Only and we have groups all across the region. To see if there is an available group near you, click below.


Marriage Groups are small gatherings of adults that meet for a single 10-week session. During this time couples are equipped to faithfully carry out their wedding vows, love one another like Christ loves the church, and leave a legacy of families devoted to Christ. They are learning communities, utilizing the Resurrection Church Marriage Equip (based off of ‘Love that Lasts’ book by Gary and Betsy Ricucci) as a tool to disciple couples who are already married.

Preparing for Marriage Groups exist to provide a Biblical foundation for displaying Christ’s love for the church through the lifelong covenant of one man and one woman. They are learning communities, utilizing the Capitol Hill Baptist pre-marriage curriculum and the book ‘Tying the Knot’ by Rob Green to disciple couples who are either dating or engaged to be married.


Students Ministry is an engaging, authentic and a fun group of students from ages 11 to 18 years old. We gather together each week to learn about Jesus and grow as disciples together.