Learning More About Christ's Resurrection

Throughout ResurrectionChurch.com, you can find information about the resurrection and various religions’ views and beliefs that surround the religious event. The resurrection refers to Jesus’ returning to life after crucifixion. Jesus as a religious figure is controversial to some and many religions have their own take on the historical event. While most belief systems acknowledge the event, they interpret it very differently. The two religions at the center of the disagreement are those of Christianity and Judaism.

Christianity is in part centered on the belief that Jesus was the son of God and that his resurrection was His ultimate miracle. To Christians, Jesus’s resurrection is primarily the resurrection they refer to. There are however, other instances of resurrection in the New Testament, many of which are considered miracles of Jesus. Within Christianity, such believers as Catholics and Protestants believe the resurrection to be an actual historic event.

While the Jewish community does not deny Jesus as a Jewish brother, it is clear they do not accept him as their Messiah as Christians do. Various Jews will give different explanations as to why they do not accept the resurrection as a reality. One response you should expect is an explanation of the Jewish view of rising from the dead. Most Orthodox Jews do not accept the notion of a Messiah that dies and rises from the dead. Also, as many in the Jewish community will tell you, they believe the passages from the old testament that are quoted in the new testament as proof of Jesus’ rising from the dead are all misquoted.