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Music at Resurrection Church

Why do we record?

We are so affected by Christ that we are compelled to share the greatness He is in our lives with as many as will listen. 

Making music is one way we can express the overflow of our hearts, and recording it helps us to share that and magnify His name. draw more attention to Jesus

  • Our recording projects can orient people’s worship toward God through Jesus Christ, by the Spirit.

  • Lyrical content and artistic expressions can be used to magnify the truths of the gospel and the glory of Jesus Christ

  • Publicity of Resurrection Church Music recordings will point people to sermons and connect them to other resources for discipleship and growth

  • Promote sound doctrine and reinforce the theological content being communicated from the pulpit encourage personal worship in the local church

  • Recordings will provide the church more frequent opportunities to focus and deepen their affections and thoughts toward God through music

  • Having recorded music available at Resurrection Church helps increase people’s familiarity with the songs we play on Sundays. Familiarity with these songs encourages people to engage in times of gathered worship.

  • People are able to take worship music and experience it in many different contexts. By having portable recordings, it increases the times and varieties of opportunities people have to worship Christ through the expression of music.

  • We ‘let the word of Christ dwell in us richly’ - God uses worship music write his word on our hearts

  • Poetry and lyricism help scripture come alive in an affective and abstract way influence the larger Church

  • In addition to encouraging personal worship of those inside and outside of Resurrection Church,
    we hope to positively influence and encourage creativity in worship music culture

  • Promote theological depth and clarity in worship music

  • Promote missiologically specific responses: for a particular time, place, and people

  • Give other churches and worship leaders new content to adapt for their setting promote the musical development of the bands

Recording projects inevitably help the recording bands improve through the course of production, and provide an opportunity to specify and solidify the band’s style and sound.  Quality recordings will also strengthen the quality of musicianship for those involved in Resurrection Church Music. leave a body of work that will bless generations to come

Music recording carries on the same tradition of making hymnals. We can leave a “hymnal” that will emphasize that the music we play is part of an unbroken chain of the bride of Christ singing in worship to God